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I'd kill for an aftermarket version I could self install to replace the garbage iPod integration that came stock.
Have you installed 7.1?
Dev site has the build number at 11D167 and available for download. When GM or final step is released, I tend to full restore to wipe any gremlins from the beta incrementals. In AI's defense, beta testers may not be their target audience.Edit: pipped by Damn_Its_Hot [sic].
These guys... better not turn that on.
I had one device that complained that it couldn't reach iTunes to wifi sync after the update; something I never saw in incremental 7.1 beta updates. I gonna check it and see if that resulted in disabling wifi sync.
i don't believe your missing anything. Submit it as a feature request.
I'm curious, how would that matter for IOS unless you were a dev tester and had multiple builds of 7.1? Are there different build numbers based on iDevice feature/carrier?
Can you elaborate? The Anobit acquisition was 2011 and nothing seems to have happened in the 2'ish years. Any predictions?
Hell, I was too distracted by the jiggling up top to notice the down low. Consider my suggestion retracted.
or perhaps Lady Godiva Style
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