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I should have been more clear. I think the article broaching wifi calling in a VoLTE discussion is rediculous. One has nothing to do with the the other and felt like a needless plug for the iPhone 6 or T-Mobile.Edit: typo
Not getting why wifi calling was brought up when the main of the article talks about VoLTE.
I stopped using my debit card at retail stores (never used it online) when Target got hacked and Wells Fargo issued new card. I'll resume using it now that it requires my print and those retailers won't have my name, number, postal code and whatever else they can mine from the strip.-CP.S. My posting record is far from perfect. I get corrected quite a bit.P.P.S. My USAA Mastercard is still a no-go.
Whether they knew or not, there was/is thought-crime.
Population density more so than just being smaller area. UK has 7x more people per km^2 than the U.S. does per mile^2.
You people and your colo(u)rs.http://colorvisiontesting.com/what%20colorblind%20people%20see.htm
He must be part of the "Save Second Base" campaign
Someone is already hard at work on the "I've fallen and I can't get up!" app.
I believe Apple makes their money from software as much as hardware since it's sold as a package. AppleWatch is a blank canvas for companies to develop new app suites and new integration with existing apps - all of which Apple will get a slice. Just like iPhone this is will be a medium for companies that don't develop quality hardware to get new products to market faster and cheaper.
New Posts  All Forums: