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The fiber and copper is not a public utility. It does, in many cases use public land but companies pay leases for the land, access, perform the work themselves (or private contracts), provide all that copper, fiber, equipment, pay for power, and provide end to end support . Companies enter franchise agreements with municipalities that are lucrative for the municipalities who require the carrier to meet service levels. If people don't like the access they have they...
4/8 is indeed assigned to Level3 as a result of acquisition. What happened to the rest of BBN outside of BBN Planet is.....?IAB wasn't formed until the mid 80s with ARIN and IANA formed much later as the U.S. Gov divested.I'll ask John how they lost those assignments next time I see him.
Then I have it backwards. Thought BBN got a slice in 1992 when prepping for their ISP business and GE got there's in '93 or '94.I'm astonished that Xerox doesn't have a single digit /8.Edit: funny bit of history, I was at a conference in Cambridge back before the commercial Internet and talking with engineers from DEC. Their learned consensus was that DECnet was the future and IP was a fad. Those guys must have gone to work for the carriers that didn't pick GSM.
MS recently (2013) bought a bunch of Nortel allocations at auction for $11 per IP. They still had to justify the use to ARIN or ARIN could have yanked them back.
0/8 -2/8 were reserved. 3/8 went to GE. 4/8 went to BBN Planet which was eventually bought by Nortel ( I think) and I think it's Level3 owned today. 5/8 was reserved ,6/8 & 7/8 was DoD, 8/8 went BBN again, 9/8 to IBM, 10/8 went to us all, 11/8 to DoD, 12/8 to AT&T.All these allocations were a time before classless routing.Not counting the authority, BBN got the first /8 in 1992. I never found why BBN wasn't given 3/8. Anyone remember?
Good thing they changed the title. Thought the Chinese had the first recorded cases of human malware.
But what does it do to the owner?
You left out Movember emoji. I need a set that tracks the stach growth. Oh, the grey tones too..http://us.movember.com
I want "Hey Siri" to let me send audio messages. Perhaps they are waiting on voice print ID to make sure it's me requesting it.
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