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Hell, I was too distracted by the jiggling up top to notice the down low. Consider my suggestion retracted.
or perhaps Lady Godiva Style
I thought it was a reference to all the in-the-wild-&-topless photos we see of Putin. I'm proud to say that I'm not capable of taking it where you did...
"looking to have Apple's POS systems updated or replaced" I laughed only cause my mind constantly chooses to look at all contexts.
Apple had better cover and stream the comeback of Spandau Ballet! How does Soundgarden rate above SB in anyone's imagination?! Feh! http://www.spandauballet.com/news/press-release-soul-boys-of-the-western-world-movie-to-premiere-at-sxsw/
"Other" obliterates Windows in mobile ad traffic by over %800!
Mixed platform homes, perhaps. This might ease the pain of moving to iOS.
Safari on IOS 7.1 beta 3 hasn't crashed much at all on my dev Air. Don't derail the thread; Safari isn't iOS.
He/she/it is just the latest Luddite. Time to Block and move on.
Yet infinitely less limited than carts drawn by beaten dead horses.
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