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And he can con the US voters to fund his infrastructure and then put a crap product on the market?
For the record I was referring to the last two years of the term. If the senate swaps in 2015, it will be interesting times.
I don't think Apple or the other companies holding the remaining trillions or so are in any hurry when they can borrow low domestic and use offshore cash to bolster production capacity. 2014 elections and the lamest part of a lame duck president aren't far off.
He reminds me of an old man I'd expect to see on The Muppets.
Is that Carl's plan? Apple borrowed $17B and paid the rest with domestic cash on hand. Your saying borrow another $50B? Can you cite the details of Carl's plan? Mi only read the apple proxy filing summary which doesn't mention where the cash will come from.
Apple will have to bring back $75B to clear the $50B after 30% tax. 1% return vs taking a $25B bath until some form of lower repatriation % is struck seems like a good decision.
This is nothing that can't be handled in Civil Court if Futuremark or, say Apple can prove harm. Futuremark possibly- violation of terms of license ; Apple - might be able to prove loss due to false advertising.Reckon either thinks it's worth it?
This guy had to have had tremendous trust and authority to place an order of this kind. My accounts with broker houses don't have a million dollar credit, much less a billion. This guy gamed the internal system, fully banking on his ego; he had the authority to place a ONE BiLLION DOLLAR buy...... He bet, he lost, he's done. Brokers beware.
His company had to cover $999million and 99.9% of the losses which is one reason they don't exist anymore. Not chump change.
Perhaps he and Michael Bolton suffer from the same attention to detail disorder. Time for some Federal, pound him in the ass, prison.
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