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Hmmm, nothing about clicking sounds when attaching/detaching mentioned in the specs. Oversight or one more example of Apple not maintaining a competitive edge? Edit: the Belkin one looks great.
Where are the 10.10 rumors!?
Bricked might be an overstatement. I had this issue a few beta releases ago and had to install from scratch then restore from a Time Machine backup. I'd thought they fixed that from Mt. Lion to Mavericks. What version where you on pre-10.9 release?
My first machine had 8K, 2nd 20K, 3rd 64K, 4th 128K and I figured that was the top of the world. I got PC with 1MB and people thought I was crazy. I was a god (not The God.... A god) in 1988 with 4MB and ATI graphics.Today, I just need the ability to run all my OS X apps and a few VMs while mobile w/o feeling like I'm dragging ass. I found it near impossible on 8 GB and without flash storage. Looking forward to the soon to be announce 4K Cinema Displays!! I'll soon be...
Mavericks GM seed just got a "Mavericks Developer Preview Recovery Update 1.0" drop on App Store Updates of 479 MB. Oddly, updates show (6) but the list only has one.
And so ends the aftermarket RAM market for MBPs. Good thing they added a 16GB model. Edit: SWEET! Thunderbolt 2. Glad I held off.
IPv6 support in the server.app someday?, jeez!
The Apple Store employee may not have realized they were selling unlocked - paying full price for a 5S/5C and not activating them in the store did result in unlocked. I bought GSM model and dropped the SIM from my 5 into it. When I plugged it into iTunes I was congratulated that my iPhone is now unlocked.I'm not sure if this is possible on a Verizon/Sprint model. I also don't know if I would count as an activation as an AT&T.Edit: I doubt the scenario above amounted to...
If you don't require guest network or back to mac, wire connect the time capsule to the home gateway, put the time capsule in bridge mode, turn off the home gateway wifi and let the n and ac fly.
Perhaps rMBP with Thunderbolt2 and a rCinemaDisplay along side a sales date for MacPro?
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