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He must be part of the "Save Second Base" campaign
Someone is already hard at work on the "I've fallen and I can't get up!" app.
I believe Apple makes their money from software as much as hardware since it's sold as a package. AppleWatch is a blank canvas for companies to develop new app suites and new integration with existing apps - all of which Apple will get a slice. Just like iPhone this is will be a medium for companies that don't develop quality hardware to get new products to market faster and cheaper.
I'm picking up my Air 2 later today. Not nearly the jump from my Air as yours will be. I picked up a friends iPad 2 recently and it startled me how heavy and awkward it felt. You're gonna love the speed. Snappier just doesn't do it justice.
That guy is a true geek. 4 months later and he's in the same shirt. I hope he bathed.
I'll grant that not being "open-platform" (if that means it won't work with Samsung, Microsoft, Moto, etc phones) limits the target market much more than something like that MS fitness band that just launched. But to say that it's DOA isn't realistic. It'll pair up with anyone with an iPhone 5 and up, right? 4S perhaps? That's a pretty big pool and Apple tends to know its customers next steps before they do.
Happy you're here and here.I was brought up with the understanding that insurance is far from the first resort and government is for things that can't be handled by the individual, family or community.
I left open the possibility that i was being baited into a less than productive discussion. I also left open the possibility that I wasn't.
Can't tell yet if I'm being trolled or not.....Insurance is a product like AppleCare+. It's risk management. I paid for all costs and had insurance for catastrophic, >$20,000In 2015 you will be required to carry insurance that meets government requirements.I was not an immigrant but dead broke until I developed the experience that earned me a job that permitted me more than Raman and PB&J.I wasn't badmouthing whoever the President was/is/will be. The Legislative Branch...
Well in 2014 you weren't forced to buy their product. 2015, resistance is futile. The fun test will be April 15, 2015 when those refunds people count on are absorbed to cover penalty or subsidy that didn't happen.Single payer? Yes, let's put that in the hands of the same morons (sic. criminals) that steal from SS and Medicare surplus, run up $17.5 Trillion in debt, control insurance company rates, and let's not forget outsourcing the printing of infinite currency.I used...
New Posts  All Forums: