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If you don't require guest network or back to mac, wire connect the time capsule to the home gateway, put the time capsule in bridge mode, turn off the home gateway wifi and let the n and ac fly.
Perhaps rMBP with Thunderbolt2 and a rCinemaDisplay along side a sales date for MacPro?
No local channels in Austin; I could not find Airplay support in a brief session to test it.
What gets me is how an entity can be investigated without reasonable suspicion of wrong doing. Because the company is targeted by an agenda driven press or political action figure does not feel like good cause.
Who gets half drunk on half a flask? I call BS... I also require specifics on the scotch.
[citation needed]
Because their quality is slipping and can't hold up under minimal impact tests...http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c_gEiU_FDxQ&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dc_gEiU_FDxQDOOMED!
Yar. I meant it to read like a question to Cash907 to understand what gear he was using.
latest gen iPad running iOS7 or iPhone 5 or 5s with iOS7? Worked like a champ for me using latest get iPad or iPhone 5.
This is great news. Once upon a time, I purchased a not so cheap Nokia (from a Nokia store) in Stockholm that went bad on me in Melbourne. I was told I had to ship it back to Sweden. Now if I can just figure out why that IOS 7 upgrade didn't waterproof my iPhone 5 like the Interwebs said it would...
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