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*citations neededSo you are on record against "Investing in infrastructure"?Note to the whole GD world - please read up on Internet vs internets and [settlement-free]peering between providers. Dumping 8:1 in:out isn't neutral. When all internets are equal, then we can discuss neutrality.Edit: make your wifi public with no password so your whole neighborhood and passers by can use it. Welcome to net neutrality.
I asked a few of the staff that yesterday as I was demonstration the mechanics of the pop up after the purchase. They we're did to know yet but obviously curious. Will check back around their pay-date.
PM me some recommendations, please. Hopefully someone close carries. Perhaps Whole Foods?
Wouldn't have guessed based on your sig.
Agree... I get not going there if you don't like the product. No one finds me browsing products at the Samsung store in BestBuy. I tip the bartender that spent 15 seconds at a tap pouring an ale and leaving it on a bar.
The employees know my name...The employees know my beverage of choice.The employees know my vehicle a start my beverage when they see said vehicle.The employees provide prompt service and prepare a product that is consistent and that I enjoy.The employees maintain a clean and comfortable place to meet and visit with friends or get some work done.The employees work Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years.I appreciate good service and I tip. Perhaps there's a 12-Step...
Dig the tip thing. That was my biggest issue with going with the app pay or paying with a registered card to reap the rewards. Sometimes just don't have singles.
Apple should at least scale free storage based on the number of IOS and Macs I have active and registered to my iCloud. MBP, iMac, iPad 128GB, iPhone 64GB
Reckon they'll just auction off anyone who walks in the door.
I'm vindicated. For a bit there, I thought Steve didn't take me seriously and had to wait for this guy.As to your innovative idea, is bigger better? And what should the number be after the word "iPhone"?
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