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I beat this guy by a year with my pitch to Jobs.
How does share of web traffic turn into number of devices?
c'mon, you chuckled at the least.
Siri used to take me to the wrong place and tell me I have to get out and walk the rest of the way. US law does not allow me to respond appropriately to a wife that would say that but it does permit trade-ins and upgrades just like most carriers.
Yes but at least Siri doesn't tell you to take a left 1.1 meters after the intersection. Pretty sure that feature has wife exclusivity.
Truly I was pipped from The Ansible as well. However, my intent was to subtly bring shame on the tester that didn't check the dev site before asking AI.Please forgive.
I'd kill for an aftermarket version I could self install to replace the garbage iPod integration that came stock.
Have you installed 7.1?
Dev site has the build number at 11D167 and available for download. When GM or final step is released, I tend to full restore to wipe any gremlins from the beta incrementals. In AI's defense, beta testers may not be their target audience.Edit: pipped by Damn_Its_Hot [sic].
These guys... better not turn that on.
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