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Anyone having issues getting it to download? I keep getting "Error Occurred while processing the request" from Safari and Firefox. I wonder if it's cause I'm using Mavericks....
10Mbps compressed != 40Mbps compressed. I have no doubt that iTunes downloads are catered to the horsepower that is available on the least of the platforms available. The current AppleTV has a lesser CPU than last year's iPad. And the post I replied to stated that AppleTV was going to compete directly with consoles like the PS4. My opinion differs as the current can't compete with the PS3.
I'll bite - Anyone who games that doesn't PC game.AppleTV is user interface and transport medium that barely keeps up with mid-level 1080p streamed rendering. It has a shot at parity with heavily subsidized $499.99 consoles?
Brilliant! Thanks mate. When did they add that? I never saw it in any beta release notes.
Something as simple as allowing the enduser to scale and reorder the icons would be a huge step. I don't need such massive buttons on 65" or bigger displays.
Finder tabs was in the first 10.9 beta release as was Tags. Command-TEdit: Oh, I may have misunderstood when you said, "this update". You aren't a Dev with the beta. Sorry.
It will be ironic if it does well on Blu-ray.
I'm sure Sony has a neck strap accessory for added convenience.
Or it could be that Apple has pretty much dropped a beta update every Tuesday since WWDC with fixes and features each. What, two updates since the Maverricks release? And I don't know anyone with hands on the Mac Pro, do you?When there is news or rumors I usually find it here as original material or copied from other rumor sites.
Most likely, like Jobs, many things nunya.
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