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I'm in a wait and see mode on how this will impact my messaging plan. I think most of mine go to IOS users so going to a pay-per could make sense. I do know one thing - I won't be frustrated anymore with my parents sending a message then 5 typo corrections in 5 different messages.
No Greece?
I was wondering what we'd have to talk about until iPad 3. Siri complaints it is! Has anyone here tried it yet? Btw, I'm certain the 4s has more than 512MB. I read a post here where I guy said so. Oh and the iPod Classic is gone too.
For parallel computing?
Wonder when Mac OS X 10.7.n.S(iri) will be dropped. Speech needs work.
450mins\t $40250 MB Data\t$15Unlimited\ttxt $20 =$75Those include rollover and unlimited nights/weekend/holidays, & in-network. So after Thuh Guvnuh gets its piece perhaps my $80 was low but by Price is Right rules ( ) I'm pretty close. If it's a couple with a family plan, the price goes down a good deal per handset.I threw in that unlimited txt plan @ $25 instead of the 1500 @ $15 because the latter isn't offered anymore. Didn't mean to...
Man, if they do rollover, free nights and weekends, no cost in-network, it might make sense to move my parents to something like that. With iOS 5 iMessage to take care of txt usage and them talking mainly on the same wireless network to family and friends, they are capped on rollover minutes. Their data usage is my only. Time to do some research. Thanks for the tip.
Probably closer to $80 a month and it's part of the existing budget. With less discretionary capital it's easier on the budget to continue paying the same $80 vs coming up with ~$216 in addition to the $80. The allure of the subsidized phone.Edit: To your point about the insane monthlies, I think your dead on. For non-smartphone users today that talk to me, I advise them to not go iPhone (generic for smartphone with automatic data plan) unless they are planning on...
Seriously? We are blurring this definition too? Specious.
Get the feeling that analysts are caught up in specs like MHz and RAM and size (vs resolution)? Most people don't need an Alienware in their pocket. I don't say all because I don't know everyone yet.
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