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Ain't folks 'round these parts all clammerin for contract free and pay as yuh go. Well hell, partner - this is the other side of that equation. It costs what it costs.
OUCH! Still feels like AT&T is in a good position UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ parlay.
Perhaps not intentionally but you bring up a good point. Aren't dual mode CDMA/WiMAX able to do voice and data at the same time? Some Sprint customers are used to this functionality.
I expect them to follow the trend; keeping the unlimited long enough to get the first burst of customers signed. Then it'll go by the way side as it did with AT&T. . . then Verizon. I'd suspect my grandfathered plan will be killed one day by some legalize.
If the case, we should see iPhone included in any new SS benefit.
Doesn't Sarbanes-Oxley, legislation he supported, require he use a RIM-job?
I agree with everything as typed. I'd also expect heftier connect/disconnect fees when that day comes. Right now, connect fees are wave a.k.a. rolled into the contract and paid over time.
I what way(s)?
Was shown to have some serious editing done.SEE!
I hope he's doing what he enjoys. He certainly has earned the means to pick what that is.
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