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I what way(s)?
Was shown to have some serious editing done.SEE!
I hope he's doing what he enjoys. He certainly has earned the means to pick what that is.
Yes but the latency must be killing you. Fat pipes aren't necessarily fast pipes.
Would be seriously good for T if they can pull it off with Apple. (IMHO) If Apple can keep up with manufacturing, there's still a good profit in it, demand is solid, it's iOS 5 compatible (for what other reason? - perhaps they almost had to because of iOS5 on iPad 1 w/ GSM) - it's all gravy. I think stock holders are happier with larger earnings per share, volume shipped and market share than a small down tick in margin %. Perhaps I'm just projecting.
June ain't that far off now.
Family meeting!!!! Let me pull up my deck.
I thought so as well. That said, i believe the new classic uses cirrus DACs which audiophiles like less than the Wolfson in the latest iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple went the the cirrus when Woflson gave them some pretty poor parts for some previous gen hardware. I'd like a new classic with Wolfsons, k thx.Edit: like these guys won't do mods on iPods anymore because of the DAC choice in the 6th gen.
Stuff like this in release notes gave me pause: "If you have a Family Pack master account, you will lose the ability to create or delete family member accounts once you move to iCloud. You should complete any family member account management prior to moving. Some contacts, as well as mailing addresses within some contacts, may be duplicated after moving to iCloud. " I'm reading that some data will be available to devs after the beta ends. Perhaps they will be keeping...
I didn't count on them keeping iTunes Match libraries or iCloud IDs after beta. I figured there'd be guys making many IDs as things went bad for each. Your iPhone/iPad dev profile should last beyond go-live. I'd expect us to get gold binaries on the 4th. When the 5th gen iPhone ships, you should be able to recreate your me.com ID that is suspect will have been wiped. Figure a few weeks before they make 5.0 downloadable for 4 & 3GS peeps.
New Posts  All Forums: