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I think you can still get an unlimited data on AT&T iPhone. Take in an iPhone gen1 and have them light that up. Go into the Apple Store and upgrade to the 4s. I did not type this. I was not here.
Cancel your current and buy a new phone without "upgrading". What are we missing?
True Grit was excellent.Great films have always been rare.
It's a good move to attract new to iPhone buyers and keep current subscribers and move the to the iPhone. I think we all know it won't last through the iPhone 4G/5.
As a basis for comparison, how would describe Apple with their cash reserves, profit and profit margin?
Pretty sure they have no clue why either Apple iOS or Android devices sell.
Why are you here?
150 million subscribers (and change) spread across 8 or more carriers and hundreds of millions of square miles and someone says Switzerland.
Or they roll out max speed HSPA+ as they deploy back haul that can handle LTE. Why upgrade twice? To satisfy the super geeks that hang out here? I can't imagine how small of a consumer base we represent. Seriously, doubling the potential capacity rolled out across a spread out user base that fast? Funny thing is we each purport to be so tech savvy and informed consumers yet we can't get two to agree on one damned thing (save this).
Gawd! Starbucks was loud enough before this.
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