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If I could make an iPod device that supported the Apple integration with my cars' audio systems, the system in the boat and supported Apple Lossless, I'm game. Or are AppleTVs, iTunes and iPods supporting FLAC soon?
Surely we need RAM in the Cloud when it's more practical to just have it in your machine.
ConradJoe - "Nobody needs that much storage in a pocketable device."People here use it and daily.ConradJoe - "Apple now makes products that appeal to the broad masses."They own the iPod space already. And I wouldn't describe their market share for OS or their Macs targeting the broad masses.Conradjoe - "If you insist on using 20th century technology, here's a choice for you:"They'd better stop shipping all spinny drives on all Macs regardless of need or cost.Conradjoe in...
Hyperbole much? You've offered very little to back up your statements.
iPod controls are integrated into my vehicle's audio system. I don't click wheel or multi-touch on any iDevice while driving or boating. I don't want to pay for features I won't use. The pod is locked inside the console 99.9% of the time - taken out when I (OMG!) buy a CD.Look, I'm not an iPod only user. I have a 2 Classics, an iPhone, two iPads, two MBPs using Apple MagicMouses & Apple Trackpads. Yuh wanna make a touch version of the classic using cheap storage,...
I don't think anyone does on their iPod Touch - the blog appointed heir apparent to that medieval spinny tech thing that no one needs.
long live ifixit.com
a bit harsh, mate.
Perhaps a spike in sales do to rumors? How much R&D is needed to maintain a product like the classic. It seems their pouring tons more into several gens of the flash versions. Walking away from profit because the % doesn't fit the current curve on other products doesn't feel like a good reason.
... for no network fee, no cloud fee to store 150GB libraries. I'm beginning to think this topic is pure troll-bait. I'm happy with my Classics and have spare parts stocked just in case.
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