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I don't understand how this relates. There is no iPhone in the US that uses the frequencies for which tmobile US is licensed. Blame Apple and tmobile, not AT&T. Yelling at them to roll out LTE faster then getting pissed that they aren't rolling out HSPA+ at the speeds you want faster makes sense? Why all the venom directed at the one company that is closest to the rest of the globe with GSM? If Sprint and Verizon hadn't bet wrong for 3G and Sprint wrong for their...
Why is this turning into a government discussion? Should we nationalize all of them?
When I feel like it's close, I'm gonna pick up a gen5 and spare parts off ifixit. I miss the old DACs.
Apple needs to fix their calendar app cause they clearly don't know what century it is.
Same CPU/GPU, RAM, antenna, display - just dropped it to 8GB storage as the only option.
Reckon on the 12th they'll drop the AppleTV code as well.
Only if they are talking to someone who's in the same room.
I'm so confused. I don't understand why Apple isn't walking away from profit. It makes no sense.Edit: but the good news is the new iPhone supports WiMax and is exclusive to Sprint. Whew!
3GS is dead. I read it here yesterday. . . Lemme find the post. Edit: oh iPod Classic too.
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