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I didn't count on them keeping iTunes Match libraries or iCloud IDs after beta. I figured there'd be guys making many IDs as things went bad for each. Your iPhone/iPad dev profile should last beyond go-live. I'd expect us to get gold binaries on the 4th. When the 5th gen iPhone ships, you should be able to recreate your me.com ID that is suspect will have been wiped. Figure a few weeks before they make 5.0 downloadable for 4 & 3GS peeps.
Pretty sure Apple said that all iCloud would be wiped prior to go-live and about the time the dev profile puts the iPhone into "Help! Plug me into iTunes!!!" mode.
There are just too many scenarios. The dev beta iCloud IDs and data are going to be wiped. Day 1 iCloud goes public, if you want a me.com email/iCloud AppleID, create it on your iDevice or www.me.com, perform any verification steps, change the "Apple ID and Primary Email Address" on your current iTunes AppleID, that is gmail, to the me.com address, re-perform any verification steps that you are you, update iTunes, Home Sharing, iStuff, et all with the AppleID change.
I don't recall from not reading NDA release notes that all beta iCloud will be wiped. . I think all that stuff is gone soon. You'll be able to just sign into iCloud with your existing gmail.com AppleID and it'll send you an email to verify you are you. No migration required.Edit: oh, I think they create a me.come email with your user portion of the gmail.com account if there's no current collision with me.com. You can later change your iTunes AppleID name to the new...
I think the base of the confusion is that you can have multiple AppleIDs. If you choose, (pre-iCloud) you can have one that's your apple.com account that your buy gear, another that's your iTunes account, another that's your Mac App Store, one that's mobileMe. In a few weeks you can get another for iCloud. Now, I'd recommend your don't try to sync on a Mac and iDevice with both MobileMe and iCloud because they get it an endless loop on things like bookmarks.For most...
You can rename you AppleID here: https://appleid.apple.com/I have an option toward the bottom saying,"Make your Apple ID and primary email address one and the same."Be prepared to update all your iTunes. iP(devices), Home Sharing stuff with the change. I haven't cause I'm scared that Apple will jack up all my purchased content. I have quite a bit.Edit: I think most people can edit their AppleID names now but they will HAVE to conform to an email name and I'd guess have to...
I stated a bit ago that i kept one appleID for my iTunes purchases (iOS apps, App store apps, music, movies, TV series) and a different Email address as my iCloud. Once I can give up the MobileMe services that don't map to iCloud, I'll migrate there. Until then, iCloud offers me nothing I don't already have. I'll probably never change my iTunes account AppleID.
Any current AppleID that is a valid email address can be used to create the iCloud ID. It's the MobileMe ones that'll require a migration. You'll keep the gmail.com and it will be both your iTunes account AppleID and your iCloud name. My dev iCloud account was a gmail address I use for junk.
Been running this for a while. It won't migrate my AppleID because it does not meet the minimum requirement. You can migrate the primary MobileMe account first but there were problems doing MobileMe admin after.
They can be different and things work just fine. iTunes Store config and iCloud account configs are in different places and I can't think of a place they HAVE to converge where it created a problem. People can have several AppleIDs. Pain in the ass though if you create a new iCloud and try to get MobileMe syncing and iCloud sync with the same things. Lots of recursive sync. Took me weeks to clean up bookmarks.I won't convert my AppleID until they make me. It's old school...
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