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That's a serious deadpan you have there.
Use mine locked in the jeep console with the ipod integration Oh and i loan a spare out to friends for watching digital copies of movies & tv series using the component or composite out cable.
Sorry, I shoulda been more specific. If they add the iPhone to that list they'll be the only US carrier saying "We have the iPhone 4, 4G!" I'm on the side of preferring more specific terms that show the difference but there is no marketing standards body. It's gonna get ugly but we are seeing what happens when carriers pick tech that doesn't end up winning out globally. Verizon and Sprint rolled the dice and crapped out.Edit: all good for me as I'm in an HSPA+ area.
I wonder, if it has HSPA+ in the US, if AT&T will market it as 4G...
Commercials? Salespersons? Opinion and rumor blogs? Seriously - same problem we have today that all 3Gs aren't the same and some are very unequal. Nothing can take the place of an informed consumer. I just wish we had some more of those in my country.
Not me. I'd be waiting for 2012 and the LTE version. My current 4 smokes with iOS 5; I don't game and prefer my Canon 5D for digital photography.Edit: That said, they've yet to disappoint me with their revs.
If you've never tried a little pussy, you're missing out.
Won't make Verizon and Sprint too happy. I agree that it makes sense if iOS 5 and the new cloud stuff works fine. I'd guess that much of the delay was timing it with the new OS - pretty new-feature-rich.
They can and do poach using low priced phones, subsidized and then paid back over the course of the contract. This results in customers buying out of the contract or just waiting for a contract event to leave a carrier. But few phones will move with the customer because of incompatibility between the carrier networks. Sure I can take my iPhone to tMoble but there's no way in hell i'll be able to enjoy MLB.tv streaming unless I'm on wifi. But I can't take it to Verizon...
New Posts  All Forums: