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Doubled from what? Who's talking Engineering but you? GDP growth when the average annual salary is well below the U.S poverty level. Perhaps that's part of the plan.
Nay! Fresh college grads taking those jobs now.Edit: but I'm sure you're the one who keeps going into Walmart offering to pay 2x the listed price and telling them to pay more for unskilled labor.
Engineered in California. Says so right on the box. Manufactured in China. Average salary in Shanghai is what? $10K a year? Reckon they are doing 40 hour weeks? The post I replied to didn't say Engineering jobs but I reckon there are a few Engineering jobs skewing that Shanghai average.
Don't encourage it. I reported.
Lenin votes, "Aye!". Any nays? Didn't think so.Edit: I'm a stockholder in Apple and the U.S.
Didn't say authored, co-authored, voted for... The justice department he now oversees has and does support the 2002 flavor of S.O. and fought to keep it whole.Edit: welcome to the forums. Obama is lurking over in http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...hreadid=133439 . Come say Hi!
Yes. Yes.Yes.
Hey buddy!Do they make good golf course maps and range finder apps for the iPad?Since you took the time to stop by and all,, thought I'd let you know, I converted my millions to gold bullion and have it offshore in my jet. Ya can't tax what ya can't find.
One of the things given to the office. It'll probably end up in the Obama Library with the: XOXOXO -Steve note.
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