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Cost base analysis says, "OUCH!". 64GB for $400 or 160GB for $249? I use the iPod while wheelin in the Jeep, crusin the lake in the boat, tailgating before the game and outdoor type places that don't need all solid state. I realize I'm not the major market but aren't most us Apple types? I hope they don't retire the Classic.
Which is why I have to buy SACDs from Japan and Europe. Someone out there still supports quality. CD sample rate PCM is far too much compression for my taste (ear) and gear as it is. They can market to the masses and who can fault that? I refuse membership. Long live vinyl!!! Resistance is not futile!!!!
Have a Classic in reserve and a replacement battery and display from ifixit just in case theY discontinue with no notice as is the norm. I use only lossless encodes and 160GB barely contains my current music library. I am not a member of Gen-MP3.
I didn't mean to imply law. Phone makers making handsets for single carriers with features exclusive to that carrier and the carrier being able to block access to services outside their network has impeded the market (IMHO). There has been an unholy alliance between CEs and carriers. Apple is bucking that system.The difference is there's no service price difference for a subsidized phone and one that's not. I'm beyond my 2 year commit with my carrier and they didn't...
Apple is on to something and I think they'll follow through. They have a handset that consumers will swap carriers to get. IF they can pull off building a version that works on the major 3 (US), I'll be first in line to pay full price and then bargain between the carriers in my usage areas for a voice, MSG and data plan that doesn't include paying the subsidy and signing a contract. My question is, will any others in the U.S. do the same? Apple will hand control back to...
I'd like them to incorporate both so I can unlock my iPhone or activate secure services, VPN connects, locking down some apps and functions using two factors. More useful on an iPad I guess which has a tendency to be passed around. How about two voice passwords combine with a finger print for two levels of access? Letting someone use maps or safari is fine but no ability to lock down mail, contacts, photo albums, etc damages my calm Add a third voice password for duress...
My voice is my passport. Verify me.
Very good questions.
Sounds like a good summary of the situation. I kinda like it that Verizon wants to play the game heads up instead of reaching out to big brother to beat down someone.
New Posts  All Forums: