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Very good questions.
Sounds like a good summary of the situation. I kinda like it that Verizon wants to play the game heads up instead of reaching out to big brother to beat down someone.
For me - I dont give up my liberty or sense of the individual for convenience. As long as I think Apple agrees with that principle, I'll buy their products.
Empowered to be spineless. They get paid by the Party! When the party calls me I tell them to suck it cause I give me property (news flash:money is property) to the individual, not the group. Our politicians are spineless because they are permitted. That happens with a corporation? The only things that save them are buyout for some unrelated value or government grant or loan garranty (gift from taxpayers yet to be BORN!).
Ha! I can totally envision iFixit selling cone shaped aluminum hats crafted from recycled MacBook Pros for next April 1.
I'll put it like this - when you don't buy what corporations are selling they fade away. When you don't buy what the gov is selling they show up with guns. I'll take the corporation every time. I'm armed better than they are.Edit: stock holders assume the risk and those demons.Edit 2: My annual purchases are covering 6 or so non-Apple middle-class.Edit 3: Google scares me for the reason that they sell their consumer - a principle incompatible with me.
Got it. Corporations are bad unless named Apple. Theft is OK as log as the the majority says so. Property rights be damned. My two pence - Apple is a corporation that doesn't compromise its principles and its principles are compatible and complimentary to the market place. They don't put profit before principle. Apple will be a success long after the U.S. and the E.U. have slayed themselves. Oh, and politicians reflect the electorate. Hold your locals to task.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot does this mean?
Please sotp!
Is Android bigger among the NASCAR crowd?
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