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How's the coverage in Tibet?
Contract free is a new thing in the U.S. it seems. I used to spend 1/3 of the year in AP, 1/3 in the EMEA and had to change my U.S plan every time I skipped The States because of the contract thing. Had a nice Nokia I picked up in Stockholm and a crappy handset for when I was home the remaining 1/3 That Nokia followed me to American Airlines Elite for few years. God bless Vodefone.
You are indeed exclusive.
Perhaps they cropped it since you can read it a few posts down. Going green by saving The World Wide Web a few bits at a time.
People that spend lots of time traveling.
Ahhh, but that would not follow the "blame the carrier" template, now would it? Gonna be ironical when the shouts for regulating the handset manufacturers begin - only after CE and the Interwebs reduce all of them evil cell phone providers to a dumb, fast pipe.Windfall profits tax!!!
Get me her IM info. Her check bounced!!!! 2x
Ain't folks 'round these parts all clammerin for contract free and pay as yuh go. Well hell, partner - this is the other side of that equation. It costs what it costs.
OUCH! Still feels like AT&T is in a good position UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ parlay.
Perhaps not intentionally but you bring up a good point. Aren't dual mode CDMA/WiMAX able to do voice and data at the same time? Some Sprint customers are used to this functionality.
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