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Lots of research groups have worked with positioning based on microphone arrays in the past (e.g., http://www.lems.brown.edu/array/mainpage.htm). I'd be surprised if, other than applying these existing techniques in a smartphone, there's much new here.
I think it's probably larger investors seeing the poor execution on the iPhone release and inferring that Apple just isn't as good an investment without Jobs in charge.
News about Apple and carbon fiber is like news about improved solar cells or batteries---year of smoke and no apparent fire.   Here's hoping that there's a bonfire out there that we just haven't seen yet.
  That's not how it works. AMD can't currently compete because they A) don't have the 22nm process that Intel is using, and B) made design choices with their current architecture that don't result in better performance for many common applications. Intel has had serious monopoly problems with AMD in the past, and there's just no way they'd ever be able to "tell AMD they can't compete."
  They'll never do it on their own, they don't have the IP for it. They'd need to buy a TSMC or GlobalFoundaries to get it, and then managing that part of the company is a nightmare. Plus they'd be stuck with what their own R&D comes up with going forwards. They're in a much better place if they keep the flexibility to play TSMC/GlobalFoundaries/Samsung off of each other for pricing and process performance.
This seems like a bad idea in the short to medium term. Intel's process technology is just so far ahead of everyone else that they can more than make up for x86's apparent performance-per-watt disadvantage to ARM. If Intel can ever get their act together and include some AMD-quality integrated graphics, they'll be invincible in the medium power-budget laptop market.    On the other hand, we've seen from the iPhone/iPad that the processor is less and less important in...
More likely if Samsung gets its way then Apple will have the option to enter into licensing agreements for $$$ or cross license patents.   This wouldn't really be that big a deal, as the iPhone, with its superior industrial design, engineering, and app store, will still be a better experience than anything Samsung throws together. Assuming maps continues to evolve, of course.
  This is a jury trial. I'm sure that Koh is perfectly competent with the legal issues, which is what she is there for.
Right, because having iconic stores in iconic locations really isn't Apple's MO, I'm sure they would have just let it go. Plus, I'm glad that you figured out that I was talking about apple having a more traditional lease, that must have been taxing.
It almost sounds like you don't know what the GCT is. They don't have a problem with foot traffic. My evidence is that they don't have any other stores without a profit sharing lease.
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