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You know we could be looking at these SKU's completely wrong.   It could just be 8GB or 16GB models. Wifi ONLY and then multiple colours (similar to the ones shown on the invite and on the iPod Touch) It would make sense if they were aiming the product at schools and that market.   But then would it be the iPad Mini or the iPod Maxi?   Theres an obvious joke there about them making a 13" iPad and calling it the Maxi Pad but those jokes are so 2010.
Well im not fussed.   My MobileMe sub ran out 2 days before they changed it, so they bumped my account by default, and now its showing the 25GB 2050 date as well.   cant look a gift horse in the mouth. :)
Yes and no. I have a feeling that they will not make a 15" Air but they will make the 15" and 17" models Pro models due to the discrete graphics and extra HDD as compared to the Air line.Yes the Pros can take 16GB ram but its hell expensive atm. It would just be a matter of replacing (soldering on new chips not replace modules) the ram chips from 2->4 or from 4->8 on the Air range. Unfortunately you can not do this yourself. What i would like to see is that the 11" and 13"...
No offence taken.Yes its still A-Hole. Other than the Uni's this place is quiet as. (ironically one of the main reasons why we need a dedicated Apple store)I should have taken that job with Apple in Melbourne when i got offered it. Oh well back to counting sheep and watching local resellers sully the Apple brand.
Bah another Australian store but STILL nothing but re-sellers in South Australia. Stupid country town attitude this state has. Oh well another 10 hour drive to the nearest Apple Store on it's way.
I guess this was before Google decided to make Android "not as open".Mind you I can't see this working out. Once the basic OS is cracked and people can download and install games at will for free. Sony will start loosing money hand over fist.Give it 6 months tops before it's playstation feature is killed off.
Does anyone else see the irony of a "cable" company complaining about over the air downloads? wouldnt this technically no longer make them a "cable" company?? In other news....... heres a kitten hanging off a branch.
I officially hate all this "Cloud" BS. Its just another way for companies to make you pay for a product you do not own. At least with MP3 you had to download the track to play it and store it yourself. Thus backing it up in the process. This idea that you are going to have to keep all your files on an over the air server somewhere and then access it via the internets... whether that be 3G or Wifi or however you access it. So what happens for the customers that...
I like this idea.
Id upgrade anyhow. Cant hurt either way really.
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