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Exactly. But iLounge sure have milked every last drop out of the rumour sites for last min page hits.
Why are you here? Nothing more annoying than "fandroids" pretending to be mac enthusiasts on forums.
Welcome Just one point of contention......use the enter key please, otherwise it makes your posts really hard to read. other than that minor gripe.... again welcome
dont get technical
I can honestly say its not going to happen. Why would they when they can sell 2 iPads? When the next model comes out there will be a flood of people selling their old V1 iPads and this is when people can pick up a second or a third. Apple knows this. And because of this they are not going to put multiple users access into the current iPads. It would mean that people would only NEED one and not HAVE to buy 2 or more for the family. Its smart marketing.
Does anyone else find it funny that when Gollum was on the Apple board they announced all these great things that Google thought of first and in no way copied from Apple because that would be wrong. Lets see: The iPhone clone - nexus/G1/any other android phone iOS - Android Macbook clone - That new netbook they DOA'd, G48 or something like that. Apple TV - Google TV Safari - Chrome browser (as in both based on webkit) It just seems that they somehow managed to...
Why not he is about as accurate as most analysts. ....meaning has no real clue either
Is it just me or has anyone else out there thought that now its on android on its "open" OS its going to mean a matter of weeks before people crack the code and you can just download the games off of a torrent site somewhere. As much as people hate to admit it that is one way that Apple and iOS has an advantage. Especially for developers. Hell even windows phone 7 and its xbox live integration has potential. How many devs can you see jumping to the chance to sell...
its also, stuff like files stored in goodreader.app or MiTube.app etc.
If you wanted to get technical we would have been speaking Roman (italian/latin?) long before that. And if that was the case we would have just invaded France and then surrendered. Hail Mussolini
New Posts  All Forums: