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Blocky, Boring and Basic looking. Thats Googles 3 B's approach to everything isn't it? (search for example)
Im not too fussed over the prices of the macs in general atm. What i am fussed over though is the fact of the price difference between the US store and the AUS store being that the US$ is doing so badly. currently (as posting this) the $ value is United States Dollars\t \tAustralia Dollars 1 USD = 1.07796 AUD\t \t1 AUD = 0.927677 USD BUT the price difference between buying off of the AU store compared to the US store is as follows std spec: 3.06GHz...
For those bitching about the WiFi issues on the 3G after the 3.0 update. It may pay you to call Apple and tell them you have said issues. It turns out that there are "issues" with the update on the early 3G models where the WiFi chip is actually over volted and resulting in the chip burning out over time. This has not been something that has been widely advertised by Apple as you can imagine that there would be an influx of people wanting a new phone etc. The 3.1...
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