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I dont know if its already been said but ...That is the key to the whole sales side of this phone. Morons will buy it thinking it will be as good and mature as their Windows 7 home PC. In reality they should be forced to call it Windows Phone 7 v1.0 or something so people know that its not Vista/7. Hell iOS and Android had too, so why should MS be special?
Well what do you know, ANOTHER story on a fictional Verizon deal. Or is it just another ploy to stop xmas sales and have people hold out for the Verizon phone instead of buying a new iPhone over the xmas period. When it doesnt happen and everyone else is sold out these people have no other option but to settle for an Android phone. And thus the cycle repeats. Seriously the CDMA phone is for the chinese market. This has just been blown out of proportion to halt...
Ok guys this is getting beyond a joke.There is competition and there is innovation.I think that many people who reply with the above comments don't know the difference.Competition is when you make a product that is the same as everyone else's and hope that yours stands out from the crowd enough.Innovation is when you create the same product and then everyone copies your ideas.If these other companies really want to move the industry forward they need to innovate, not just...
Well looking at the podcast of the event at 19 mins and 25 seconds we see this... Not all models would mean the gen 1 touch and iphone. so probably just the things that cant use 4.0 atm. I really wish people would actually watch these things instead of reading the blogs and then asking questions that are clearly there.
Your a 10 inch device!Obviously you havent seen the camera kit. Its amazing what you can find when you actually look and dont jump to conclusions....time to put the mat away.Actually if you want to get technical, NO they didnt. They changed the 13" to the macbook PRO. So in reality they discontinued the 13" alu unibody "macbook"HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH oh the irony... btw meet my friend Mr Kettle.
The fact of the matter is your all right. He didnt point any direct jabs at any particular company. Its the internet trolls that jumped onto the bandwagon thinking that he was talking about Android. For all we know he was actually talking about Palm or Nokia. Internet forums are a place where rumour, speculation and blatant untruths become fact overnight if enough people repost them. Its a shame really.
I think that one thing a lot of you guys are forgetting is that, sure the classic is an old design when it comes to the hip and trendy apple culture. BUT when it comes to the music industry the classic is a tried and tested solid piece of equipment. If you are playing live you don't want to have the hassle of sliding to unlock and then fumbling around trying to press play on the ipod app only to have it stutter and change track on you. This was where the classic...
If nothing else lets at least hope that we can playback other formats unlike the current AppleTV. .mkv etc. But im guessing that would be more likely an iTunes update before device update.
Dont know about the accelerometer but the touch side of things would be covered by the new magic touchpad thing they recently released. As for resolution im guessing that it will be similar to when you hook up a macbook or iphone to a TV. The resolution on the TV will change to suit. But im thinking that we wont see 1080 but some form of upscaled 720p. So basically i can see it working but will it be enough to get the 1080p purists to agree that it is a good buy is another...
Coming soon from your friends at the RIAA and Apple... Now with AM But seriously this is just another case of people with power not actually knowing their own demographic, and the ones they DO know they sue!!
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