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As another fan of Cuil it may interest other mac users that you can use it instead of Google as your default search in safari...http://www.cuil.com/info/faqs/guides/safari.php
Its not always the "Top Dogs" that do the design or come up with the great ideas. Instead its the lower minions that are slaving away under them. The upper management are usually great team leaders but are usually out of the loop, some exceptions apply but in general they are visionaries and not the actual designers, take Jobs and Woz as an example.
Hmmmm heres an idea.Instead of reading the article as its been 2 years and everyone is fleeing for greener pastures.Maybe read it as what it is. So reading this part there were 150ish people working there almost 2 years ago.Half a Dozen = 6So we are looking at 6 people have decided to leave a team of 150, one of which is almost ready to retire.Over a 2 year time frame thats not a bad batting average, especially when talking about a company as big as Apple, and when the...
Have to agree with others. He did a fine job while the boss was away. He seems confident enough in my eyes to be able to one day take over from Papa Steve one day in the future, Given a few more years of grooming to fit the Jobs mould. (i.e. he hasn't quite relaxed enough to go the full turtle neck but he's getting there )
You will start to see more and more of these kind of articles over the next few months. Mainly thanks to lazy "webmasters" and not wanting to "loose" any revenue from their site when they change to NON flash. Mind you there are always other ways around this but people are inherently lazy. Why must you have to change something when close enough is good enough (hey it worked for MS for years )
Yes and no. But do you REALLY want to lug a 27" imac or Mac Pro and cinema display to a lan when you could take a 15/17" laptop?
This can only be seen as a good thing. Its one of the only real areas where Windows has a huge advantage over OS X. Once that gap diminishes maybe we will see more advanced graphics put into the MBPs. The ultimate lan party gaming machine
"Technically" its true. APPLE is coming to the Verizon Network. Sad thing being that a LOT of bloggers jumped over themselves to get the exclusive that they didnt actually realise that it could have been another NON iphone product. *read: iPad* This is just another reason why i love the blogoshpere and how people will jump up and down about how bad a product is months before anyone has actually even seen it, all to get a few more hits *read:advertising revenue* to their site.
Wow the last few post have actually had some merritt and substance ... Well done. Now as for the idea of advanced features I'll take it one further. Why not introduce a "pro" model? This can have multitasking and all the extras people are screaming about. The standard iPhone would have the same specs (maybe a little slower) but your average Joe user won't care. It's still an iPhone and does everything you want it too. It would stop 90% of the infighting in...
Solipsism FTW Well played good sir.
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