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Steve Jobs lived life on his own terms. We don't know for sure if putting off surgery lessoned his chances, but in hindsight it certainly didn't help him. I remember after the surgery they announced that the tumor was fully removed. But cancer is a tricky disease because it can re-appear at anytime and in any place. I am just thankful for the time we did have Steve Jobs with us. It's obvious from the speech he gave at Stanford, that as a Buddhist he believed in the cycle...
Seems that Samsung has more to gain keeping Apple as a customer than selling their own iPhone knock-offs. Of course if they don't violate any of Apple's patents (or pay a license fee) they are welcome to market their own devices. Since most of the 'secret sauce' is really software, I think Apple has a better shot going after Google.
The activation is done by the carrier. AT&T must be overloaded. It makes little financial sense for AT&T to build out a massive infrastructure necessary to handle these types of spikes. User requests will eventually be serviced and people will complaints will be forgotten (until the next big release)...
I agree. You don't 'replace' Steve Jobs. Apple's future sucess will largely be determined by their ability to work as a team. I thought Forstall was the best presenter at the iPhone 4S Event. His Siri Demo sold me on the product.
I think Meg is going to auction webOS on eBay
I thought the 'S' meant Steve too Siri could be a game changer for Apple as the Android world will find it difficult to copy it. I could see M$ giving Siri a better for it's money as it's been working on this type of technology for a long time and they exert much more control over their software.
I believe the respect and condolences are very heartfelt.
RIP Steve Jobs. You changed the world...
Makes sense for Apple to hold off until 2012 to announce the iPhone 5. First off all, unless they can deliver in volume why announce now? It would only kills sales of existing iPhone 4 sales. Secondly, the iPhone will be 5 years old in 2012 hence the iPhone '5' Finally, why wouldn't Apple want to refine an already popular handset? Seems that the iPhone 4 is the #1 selling smartphone, in the world, so why not simply improve it?
I can see Siri being pretty useful especially in the car. Don't expect to be perfect, but it demonstrates the value of owning both the hardware and software. It will take Google a while to catch...
New Posts  All Forums: