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I think Meg is going to auction webOS on eBay
I thought the 'S' meant Steve too Siri could be a game changer for Apple as the Android world will find it difficult to copy it. I could see M$ giving Siri a better for it's money as it's been working on this type of technology for a long time and they exert much more control over their software.
I believe the respect and condolences are very heartfelt.
RIP Steve Jobs. You changed the world...
Makes sense for Apple to hold off until 2012 to announce the iPhone 5. First off all, unless they can deliver in volume why announce now? It would only kills sales of existing iPhone 4 sales. Secondly, the iPhone will be 5 years old in 2012 hence the iPhone '5' Finally, why wouldn't Apple want to refine an already popular handset? Seems that the iPhone 4 is the #1 selling smartphone, in the world, so why not simply improve it?
I can see Siri being pretty useful especially in the car. Don't expect to be perfect, but it demonstrates the value of owning both the hardware and software. It will take Google a while to catch...
I can appreciate how some of Apple's hardcore fans might be disappointed by the 4S. Putting aside for a moment that Steve Jobs is not there to wow the crowd, Apple delivered a solid upgrade to an already great smartphone. Apple, like most companies, has limited development resources and cannot always re-invent their latest products. I know that this will make no difference to some people, but for the vast majority of consumers, the 4S will more than suffice. Those who find...
I'd be fine with an improved iPhone 4 design and a low-end version too. Android phones really don't interest me, but obviously Apple needs to deliver on features to stay competitive. All of this is really speculation until Tuesday's announcement. Just as important, in my opinion, is Apple's delivery of iOS 5 with promised features and ontime.
This looks like a good move for Amazon. It's basically a 'razors and blades' strategy. Sell the device for as little as possible to make money selling content. The content and distribution has always been the key to these types of devices. Apple will continue to do VERY well with their iPad which has carved out a nice niche in the business community. The Kindle is really designed more as a consumer device with very little appeal to businesses. Interesting times we live in....
New Posts  All Forums: