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As always, it boils down to what developers actually do with 64-bit. Just because the platform supports a feature doesn't necessarily mean users will benefit. If developers release a new/updated app with 'must have' features, users will benefit and so will the manufacturer. Otherwise, it's all marketing hype...
Most analysts were expecting the so called 'low cost' iPhone to come in between $300-$400 without contract thus making it more price-competitive in emerging markets. The 5C's $500-$600 price point is why the downgraded Apple's stock. Like it or not, this is how most financial analysts think. They believe that having a dominant marketshare will lead to profits. Apple somewhat defies this which is why the analysts tend to be so fickle on AAPL.
My guess is that Apple will drop the price of the original iPad Mini to somewhere around $200 when they announce the Mini 2. Maybe $300 for a Mini 2 with Retina display? 
I see this as a pretty smart move by Microsoft. They get Nokia's handset business and Elop likely takes over as CEO when Ballmer leaves. Microsoft's biggest challenge is overcoming Samsung and Apple's huge marketshare. Guess they feel the only way to compete is ownership of the entire stack. Interesting...
That is sweet!
Microsoft is buying Nokia's handset business. http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2013/09/02/business/ap-us-microsoft-nokia.html?src=busln
While the PC market is contracting, by about 10% annually, 300M+ PC's are sold every year. Tablets are Smartphones are taking on more traditional computing tasks, but PC's and Mac's are still a viable market. Consumers and Businesses are pushing upgrade cycles from 3-5 years to 5-7 years. I hope Apple will become more agressive in pricing Macintosh in the future. My 7 year old MacBook Pro is waiting to be upgraded
No surprise here. Apple's business model will prevent it from ever gaining significant marketshare. Windows 8 blows, IMHO, but that won't prevent it from gaining share especially as OEM's are forced to bundle on their new PC's. Windows 7, however will be the dominant PC operating system for the next few years...
I doubt this will help Microsoft's fortunes much. While it was/has been clear that Microsoft needed new leadership, the company's adherence to 'Windows Everywhe' is a big cause of it's stagnation. My guess is the final straw was the Windows 8/Surface debacle...
They will likely have nVidia discrete GPU on the higher-end model especially if 4K graphics are part of the upgrade. 4K would also imply Thunderbolt 2. PCIe SSD and 802.11ac will definitely be part of the package. Waiting to replace my trusty 2006 15" MacBook Pro (Core 2 Duo).
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