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If this thing works, I hope it will push Apple to innovate again. File folder and USB port (s) are going to be the deal breakers.
Geezz....   I'd never buy another Samsung product.   I hope the burn to the ground. Look at their top executives in SK behaved, they are above the law.
If this is true, this will be a very stupid move. I fancy larger screens with the old format. I have used Samsung Galaxy S series and I have no problem using them with one hand.
I hope Apple sticks with the current format. It will be a huge headache for developers to support different screen formats. I don't like that long format either. It's god awful.
^ imagine how big the download is going to be with 4k resolution...   My ISP is definitely going to send me a letter stating that I have consumed too much data, then they will put a FUP.
^ True, that's why US economy won't be improving anytime soon. The US Gov really needs to encourage their own people to invest in the US, not abroad. They can do it by simplifying rules to open new businesses, factories... fix the education system too so US citizens can compete better in the world.
I was there. There were people jumping the fences. At least 25% of them are scalpers. Most scalpers who have gotten their iPads went back to the lines to get more iPads.
I've not seen anyone running Windows in their Macs in Beijing and Shanghai. Maybe that's just me.
Here in Beiijing, the Airs are selling like hotcakes. I was also surprised to see how frequent the Airs are seen in the public.
What' wrong with all those eastern Texas companies, suing companies every other week.
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