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good point, i didn't know what kind of phone only that it clogged up my space, then after this post i asked him, knew it wasn't an iPhone since text was green,    he knows i know and he found some way to reduce file size........he doesn't like it     the nokia  add shows someone in a concert using it and then "zooming in"   well in really life it stinks will try to talk him into an iPhone..   its the mega hertz war all over again   but we don't need more mp   better...
it was a nokia phone, huge files i think it has a 41 mp camera---still had lots of noise ,   mega yuck http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/features/more-than-megapixels-what-really-counts-in-a-smartphone-camera-495572   
i don't need a 12mp camera fix the one they have with the technology shown in "rumored" patents i use camera plus to reduce the file size of all my iOS devices to save space   i wish iOS allowed you to adjust the file size other than when you email   16gb for the "c" low end unit  everything else should be min 32   i once got something like a 17mp "selfie" from a friend its massive size chocked my email   and they don't resize them and send me 3 at a...
If there are a lot of switchers from spotlfy It wll be massively damaging People have choices  music Is compelling especially the family plan Imagine if apple gave access or discounts on AUDIOBOOKS Wow that would be compelling in a major way I'd jump now My wife uses lots of audiobooks
I think the killer feature is ability to download songs and playlist for offline listening Seems would help those w data limits Dj sounds cool as bringing some old school listening Family plan also attractive Would love iTunes Match payers to get a discount or grandfather in
The  watch Changes the dynamics of owning the iPhone I can see many choosing  watch AND a smaller phone instead of the $$$ for a larger more expensive phone I would If you don't reach for your phone as often as my friends with  watch tell me They don't need such a larger screen They have already commented It now becomes an issue of portability Also interesting the battery of the iPhone lasts LONGER When you use  watch For many things  watch Is a game changer
This is a non issue I already stream local to  tv With AirPlay Easier solution Allow us to create bookmarks on appletv screen like ios And bingo URL is all you need and no heart ache
all "new" phones will have    pay     to push the tech and service---absolutely   i'm of the mindset regardless of product specs  name it iPhone 7 stop looking like    copied samsung    it will push samscum to follow    or push samscum to push out a hurried scum galaxy  (sorrry for the scummy frequent post)
the price of internet access will come down with competition some of you who changed to another ISP did so because you had options the cable companies have been allowed to have monopoly control  allowed by our community leaders if that doesn't change then we will see caps and other charges to squeeze us   deregulate and allow the last mile to be handled by others the market it dying for options   i could get dsl but wind stream has such a poor customer service and...
   should have just bought out dropbox i can upload any file to it and share iphoto to Photos has been a mess with me tried everything didn't have enough permissions dropbox never asks me about permission  i didn't want to pay twice for cloud service i already have 3 just to make sure i had options hoping    could see the light and make this work my goodness everyone else can upload and backup stuff what's    missing   in order to get my iPhoto library to work...
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