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this isn't sillyi've got 14k photos (prob 12k selfies of my daughter---argh)   hope i canbasically i've got 256gb and can't upgrade (could with transcend lite) butanyone---is it saving ssd valuable space??? i'm doing my super duper clone tonight and watching this forum .........close
great great post---give me content ---this talk of 4k reminds about how we were convinced 3-d was what we needed, no content and 30-40% of people couldn't see "the 3-D "this tech salivation spec-gasm must stop(but won't) i love my 720 atv 2 because it GIVES ME ACCESSits all about access, content and choice--so lets have italso can i get an answer about compression i read somewhere that the 1080 from    doesn't use much more data than 720--is that true??you know as cable...
WOW thanks great insights
So other than getting rid of home button And making screen edge to edge What other benefit ? Touch ID anywhere?? Larger screen for same exterior?? Gaming?? Can't find an article that explains why this is so revolutionary Your thoughts
Wow thanks for the insight and overview great job
background information needed   what storage in apple tv 128 256?? if it has storage it will be a dvr--how much content can 128gb hold   i don't know how much is in my TWC cable box but it can hold weeks   USA has some of the slowest internet in the industrialized world..(regulation and allowing monopoly position of cable ind ISPs) what can most families stream, download  (with a dvr you could download at night while sleeping )  the apple tv must face the realities of...
The new Apple TV needs to be a convergence device make it converge all your products and teach it how to select and switch from television cable box etc. use Siri to tell it to play DVD Start Apple tv Include DVr also have a model that includes AirPort Express to expand your network have multiple bundles as close as alacart as possible Multiple hdmi inputs Boom massive adoption
considering the demographics of android users most will think TAG Heuer is a zipper brand  a game on google play and can't pronounce it   a quick way to cheapen your brand   connect with people that never heard, saw, fitted or even read a magazine with ad for TAG Heuer    wow all those analysts saying apple watch will fail.......why all following??   gee can't wait for the 2 for 1 sale
Here is what apple can do Provide value and choice Inputs Apple TV multiple inputs from all devices Use Siri to select Let Apple ui simple select If I don't have a cable box it's easier But what if I want to connect a DVD player when I rent from redbox?? Plug into Apple TV Siri play DVD and it does all the switching Have a usb 3 output for HDD use it for downloads and DVt Or Apple TV comes with a HD price points based on storage size I wish they would allow ala cart I can...
Great idea and spamsand idea of letting us choose Siri search
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