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they need a way to make apple pay on any touch id product maybe by bluetooth i;ll get itching for a 6 when i see apple pay at walmart kroger, jcp, gap and restaurants but i do like the size of my 5s maybe make it thinner so for the apple pay to work with the watch do you need an iPhone 6???
pre order process??? can you pre order from the iPhone apple store app??? what's earliest on the 12th this pre order starts???
so how does this pre order work can you do it from the iPhone apple store app stay up till midnight9/11 to order???
would you need a new phone? wouldn't ibeacon and touch id work just as well do you think system would be compatible with 5S??? 
same as with apple tv   i up the volume button on my remote   they can output from apple tv use my ear phones to up and down volume     roku has a "way"   apple can be better     Remote: Built-in headphone jack, plus Wi-Fi Direct  The Roku 3's marquee feature is the remote's private listening mode: plug a pair of headphones into the remote's headphone jack and you can listen to whatever's playing on your Roku. Plugging in the headphones also automatically mutes...
apple tv support bt keyboard why not headset???
until apple spreads its weight "bucks" like creating their own production studios, buying others , we will be doomed to pay massive amounts for the 7 channels people typically watch my hope that's what beats or their  leadership brings apple i think is keeping things close to the chest i think there is a solution with jon ives that's part of the beats magic it was a brilliant strategic move   but this comcast TW deal was proposed to defend against apple $$$$$$     i...
I can't stop laughing made my morningI think apple could do this no prob and be better than bing anydayStart eroding googles base squeeze them y buying blekko or duckduckgoAnd make them squirmAnd don't think Tim cook and team haven't put a target on thatI'd prefer apple because google now has become data nvasive
You mean apple can't find anything better?? My issue We have NSA looking over our shoulder govt spying on its citizens Why have another path for political elitist a to manipulate our data I don't like google for its search which most use so close to govt leaders We were warned about the Military industrial complex We now have the tech snoops Keep him and his likes AWAY from our data It's too enticing for govt to use to control and intimidate its people It could and will...
no samsung products they steal ip   look at their dyson look alike they are bullies and don't innovate   when my samsung washer dryer goes  i'll replace with whirlpool   its the same reason i don't steal music, movies etc    the creator needs to be  rewarded for creating samsung the thief
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