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last gasp....its break or break time
the ipad 7+inch is for a car number one complaint from ford customers is that MS mess they put in the dash of fords, crashing and just doing the MS shuffle cars want to be associated with the success of the ipad, well those big screens are for my future car purchase ford and others need to turn from the dark side and get pads in the cars dash
first amazon doesn't post k fire sold/ delivered and what's the return rate of fire vs iPad i've never talked with anyone that has returned an iPad, they only buy more looking forward to the ipad 3 to get the ipad 2 refurb at lower price point for my mother in law first computer and ip 3 for my wife
also leaves room for refurbished for $50 less that's what i did, bought a refurb for my daughter,
other issues for those NOT WANTING chicken pox vaccines chicken pox parties are irresponsible the vaccine prevents chicken pox and the associated residual virus for SHINGLES if you or a family member has ever dealt with the massively painful and potentially blinding shingles you need to look it up and realize this
why not apple buy a cable company or lease bandwidth or partner apple has gazillion iTunes accounts, apple users spend more than others make apple tv a transition device since most now have a big screen and don't want to replace it apple has the muscle and backbone services to make this work cable companies know this as well, i'll bet 2012 is the year of apple+ cable partnerships just like the iPod was a convergence item as is the iPhone apple TV can do the same its...
iPod touch and iPhone 5 will go to 4" screens this summer AND ipad2 drops in price when iPad 3 comes out apple is covered AND developers won't have to deal with the 7" constraints i think apple will have a value option for people in which the price difference and the much better apple environment (compared to kindle) will negate much of the competition and continue the momentum i think an iPad 2 16 at $350 will rock i see apple filling in the price points
till you pull your pants down, and plop in the toilet no electronic device in m back pocket girls number 1 way of losing a phone to water ..... out back pocket into toilet
thanks for your insight, their are pro level users and consumers of various levels you are right as display increase movies are more abundant, the needs are increasing so now i'm thinking 32 or 64 and as you say the apps will only get more sophisticated i can see getting a standalone hd for other things but can you connect to an ipad--not as this point so this push to make ipad "your only or first computer really does have limitations see my wife wants an ipad,...
with icloud and drop box how much local storage do you REALLY need how many of you would buy an ipad with 256gb?? when schools order iPads they get 16gb OK i can understand more local storage on a macbook or imac but isn't local storage becoming obsolete (for most consumers) i would like to see trended how much local storage people are using since the ipad came out, and over this next year as iCloud is adopted my wife wants to migrate to an iPad, so the max...
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