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how much usable space as delivered for the mbp  256 ssd   trying to figure out how much of my present macbook to offload to external on my new timecapsule thank you
 I'm thinking the same thing-motivated to off load my macs HD  so when i get my new MBP's w 256 ssd  i can have plenty of space will also do some major delete sessions clean up them up   got the time capsule 3tb have two macbooks wish to combine itunes libraries to the TC combine iPhoto pictures to TC handbrake video's to TC   clone the remaining macbook HD   back up with time machine to TC   from what i understand i can't sync my iPhones iPads to the TC  will...
5c was to replace 4s and 5 Pricing 5c at 100'and 5s at 200 I believe was a classic example of decoy pricing to push more INITIALLY to the higher margin 5s Deals will then be made toward holiday buying of the 5c Now $50 to draw into a particular store You have to view this as a strategy over a period of time Early adopters Early holiday Holiday shoppers Just wait I agree the 5c was to attract cheapo android BB M$ feature phone converts to apple 5c will grow as those in this...
what insurance programs are out there anything for damage as well as if lost or stolen??? any links to a review site i've heard squaretrade is good but not sure about lost or stolen   your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated     i found this link,   just need to update , but gives which company handles lost, stolen damaged iPhone   http://www.gadgetreview.com/2013/02/5-of-the-best-aftermarket-smartphone-insurance-plans.html
my IT guy says att offers $10 month free replacement for up to 3 occurrences  yes 20 more per year but no deductible will check it out and confirm what other options for us?? i usually get applecare but this time maybe not when my contract is up in early october i will upgrade maybe oct or nov 
may not be an issue if rumors of two iphones coming out with the 4 4s etc discontinued new ones won't have this issue
This is more about making this pig look good to a new suitor Prep for buyout
Works great but yelp is as good or better Can't find the gas station near my work BUT apple maps did I use apple first then yelp then google What I would REALLY like Is that it senses your travel direction and shows you Next exit facilities w a button push or option button What I do now is put in what I want and use yelp It is helpful w google maps to show you Apple maps I have to open a new search then go back to my directions Ill try it along a hwy to ck this...
gee our government calls apple before it for apple to grovel and beg plead same as the chinese a few months ago the people making the laws are surprised by their lack of insight and people find ways to pay less taxes   those who wrote the laws are a bunch of boobs   we avoid taxes   how about the govt employees that are not paying their taxes its billions   hypocritical messes our congress,  yet they give out plum exemptions to their "buddies"   the...
agree with the above   i still will use camera+ to optimize the images to spare file space i'd just like to have a flash that works, all my flash photos at night are bluish   larger sensor, better low light same 8mp or even 6mp   i use the camera with email, shutter fly i don't need huge files to clog up my email and memory   pre order camera+ for iphone 6 anyone???
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