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there is really nothing left, who looks for a "nokia" anything    this will be the basis for mba thesis about failure   but in the tech world things happen much faster, much longer  for kmart vs walmart, now sears is a shadow of itself   really amazing   another mba subject   samsung, IP, and how lawyers can copy a phone
i would think that turn by turn includes via bluetooth   i also hope that google maps is still an option, since i use it for search, restaurants, gas, etc   i'd still like both and be able to choose   maps and data, since on a server, should be continuously updated   very much looking forward for this   its a pain upgrading my gamin, takes 3 hours,  BUT i help off updating my  unit when i heard this today
i wouldn't mind a two stage log in but the one at my bank rocks easy, secure, self directed (i chose the picture) have you tried googles two stage system, they text you a code to input for log in so you have to have your cellphone, i prefer the picture system, and if you are at a different computer then the questions now lets make it even more cumbersome
i agree on a two stage login but this is a mess, lots of typing etc my bank has by login split user name enter new page with a self chosen image underneath is my password then if they sense a different computer THEN they ask for my security questions so basically two pages, same username and password
this is a recent problem over the last few months i have had "mail" set to forward to my gmail account then delete for years, never a problem NOW i get in my gmail "problem during delivery processing" Internet Mail Delivery postmaster@mac.com 9:53 PM (9 hours ago) to nofeer "Reason: Error in sieve filter: Too many notifies specified" i just got applecare+ for my wife's iPad and the receipt never got to me this happens often when apple sends me receipts for...
mashable has a good article and simple ways to test http://mashable.com/2012/04/05/mac-flashback-trojan/ http://mashable.com/2012/04/05/mac-f...-trojan-check/ i downloaded the scripts and unzipped ran both and all my macs are clean
wow you were faster than my edit timealso don't use the term "idiot" we have all been were you are that's why we help with this forum some of us have been there at least twice
first we need to know what you have as far as hardware, processor etc as above go to amazon usb or firewire portables are cheap (intel processor can boot from a usb external drive) get clone software superduper clone hard drive you may not need much, my wife's mb white c2d has 320gb so i bought a 500 iomega which worked for me well in the past super duper allows very simple recovery if hd dies, and you can make it bootable, namely if something happens to your...
http://senorgif.memebase.com/vote/ take a look at "too much booty"
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