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mashable has a good article and simple ways to test http://mashable.com/2012/04/05/mac-flashback-trojan/ http://mashable.com/2012/04/05/mac-f...-trojan-check/ i downloaded the scripts and unzipped ran both and all my macs are clean
wow you were faster than my edit timealso don't use the term "idiot" we have all been were you are that's why we help with this forum some of us have been there at least twice
first we need to know what you have as far as hardware, processor etc as above go to amazon usb or firewire portables are cheap (intel processor can boot from a usb external drive) get clone software superduper clone hard drive you may not need much, my wife's mb white c2d has 320gb so i bought a 500 iomega which worked for me well in the past super duper allows very simple recovery if hd dies, and you can make it bootable, namely if something happens to your...
http://senorgif.memebase.com/vote/ take a look at "too much booty"
i've handled the samsung TOO BIG now take this thing and put an otter box defender on it TOO BIGapple will not abandon developersipad 3 iTouch et al won't follow thisapple won't fragment as android hassomeone with photoshop ability try a 4" screen (I agree with bluefish86)but still with a case i'm already having issues with the clip, pants, shirt pocket thingcan you imagine a mophie case and a 4.6" screenwow no waythere is not a comfortable clip, case combo that will...
wife has macbook white c2d (wonderful machine still working great) 10.7.3 probably will now use her new iPad 3 wifi 32gb as primary(when it arrives) wish to sell her macbook or give to relative we have clone of her hard drive with superduper itunes match photostream icloud iPhone 4s in which it is synced to her macbook backed up to iCloud wish to wipe macbook before i sell, give will she have to sync to this macbook? what happens to her syncing with her iPhone...
but they are doing both dividends AND repurchase see my linkhttp://beginnersinvest.about.com/od/.../aa091806a.htm
found some answers to my questions how do investors benefit with a stock buy back http://beginnersinvest.about.com/od/.../aa091806a.htm
i understand why not a stock split i understand the dividend issue but how does the buy back help the investor, future investor and the company??
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