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more and more will be given over to siri i'd like to see siri max battery and she dims screen turns off bt wifi etc what you set up in a pref list siri coordinate meeting with smith jones, for thursday 15th at 4pm and all the background work done siri is the bomb i do most of my texting with siri she types faster than i do
What's the culprit? We should have a poll Or "contest" Corrupted contacts Location services? Wish apple had a single button to max Battery setting or have 3 choices With/ without BT/ max How about bringing back turn off 3G I could milk a couple hours by switching 3G Off Btw mines doing great getting >24hrs Huge improvement over my 3G
there are ways to improve battery life, do a google search mine is great 24hrs to 25% lov n it get a droid 4g LTE whatever or something like that and see real battery life
there tech is weak siri is the future and don't you think SJ made a lockout deal to keep it from others that's the advantage of using your $$$ to protect your future funny it comes out now my thoughts these bozos (sorry bozo) checked with nuance and found a barrier to them implimenting this tech i mean stealing the tech and its a no go SJ didn't leave this world without a way to protect his baby this is why we didn 't get the ip4s in june he was still in...
got some help from cisco to upgrade, i enabled above but back to mac says it still will be slow i will keep trying how would you test back to my mac? do i need my laptop on an outside network and access my home computer? after firmware upgrade DID A REBOOT AND IT WORKED no warnings next to "back to my mac" thanks soooo much
when i get home i will try that thanks
with iCloud what documents are they talking about? i have a document portion to my home in lion, and where is the "badge" for documents and how does my itunes get to the cloud i have all updated software, itunes lion ios 5.0
some of the links and pictures are missing has this thread been scrubbed, i had it this morning did a refresh and gone need the link to youtube videio "obama by the numbers" and that political cartoon wtih obama at the chalk board thanks its back did another refresh and now i can see the above thanks
have cisco 4200 router dual band simultaneous both 2.4 and 5.0 set up macbook c2d lion 10.7.2 on the 2.4 network trying to set up back to my mac with iCloud get error message "back to my mac may be slow because NAT Port mapping (NAT-PMP) or universal plug and play (UPnP) is turned off on your router" "Turn on NAT-PMP or UNnP" but under administration tab UPnP is "enabled" is there a way to test "back to my mac) any help appreciated thanks
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