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Otterbox defender
great loss i am less
thanks for the infoi'm grandfathered in for unlimited data$5 200 text plan (will keep unless att gives me a deal on family pac) and will still use textnow$10 1000 texts for my wife (wish i could downgrade to $5 plan---but they don't exist for new customers)so that's 3:01 EST i'll set my iphone alarm with some annoying sound like a spongebob ship horn
what about going to the store and getting on a list for preorder
what's better get on a list at att or buy from apple what gets you the phone faster
bunch of FUD simple buy it or don't buy it it will break ALL SALES records its really a non issue antenae-gate.....ip4s-gate.... its all FUD
my thoughts exactly
bottom line....we are the problem following and praying to the alter of "rumors" hey...i'm upgrading, because it is a huge upgrade....i feel the form factor of the ip4 is near perfect improved speed, ram, gpu, much better video and camera---siri is world changing and its not this big ol brick like some of those big screen and i'm upgrading getting two ASAP my only question buy from apple or att how do i get it first already ordered my otterbox cases....wish...
can you reduce the res to save mem space
LTE chip requires separate 3g chip making it TOO big for now apple wants to slim not fatten the size of any iphone. also battery life is an issue 4s is slightly better than ip4. i'd rather get the phone right than compromised it will come but i' m buying the 4s (2 of them) what if....? i don't want to video at 1080 can i adjust to 720 to save mem space the same with 8mp camera can i shoot at a lower res to save file size?? my present pts canon can lets face...
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