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http://thehill.com/blogs/transportat...-of-chevy-volt http://campaign2012.washingtonexamin...t-sales/406771 has anyone seen a volt NOT bought by fleets, and obama cronies
the banks will ------proview is in recievership also the courts won't prevent apple from selling and shipping ipadshttp://www.engadget.com/2012/02/23/s...ects-ipad-ban/
If true I bet for automotive use
perhaps that retina display will be an upgrade option i'd like to see iPad 3 processor, graphics with ipad2 display and better battery life unless the retina display uses less battery also with iTunes match, iCloud etc what storage is really needed i will get my wife an iPad 3 or mb air 11, what amount of storage??? 32 or 64 (i'm assuming the entry level is still 16 but could be higher)
Samsung is not really competing with apple It's who is to be NUMBER 2 They are really after amazon but has no ecosystem If apple makes a 7" I believe they will It will be for a CAR/SUV my Honda has I 7" screen I sure would like Honda to adapt That space or partner with iPad and apple With fords experience of poor customer satisfaction with the Freeze prone MS based system Apple would be a savior Imagine the buzz if car company X goes apple
can't wait to have the Lion firmware walked back to early 2008 iMacs
its not as bad as the models predict the models are wrong because its agenda driven and funny how the solution to agw is more socialism and government and taxes http://www.guardian.co.uk/environmen...ins?intcmp=122 http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/...s-than-thought science, non agenda driven --science is self correcting einstein's theories are still being tested and validated how come agw science is "settled" and their is consensus and attacked if questioned but...
what's amazon's point apple creats methods to get content at say just above break even to sell high margin products and build loyalty but if you are selling your stuff at a loss to get low margin "content" well amazon stock is going down what's the business model.....lose at volume??
I've said the same thing in other postsAmazon doesn't publish fire sold volumeAnd certainly WON'T publish return %I have similar storiesSales people pass off fire as "just like iPad"Great sales pitch but it's a pitch to deceiveI don't know anyone that has kept the fireTo save money they buy refurbished ipad2 Or one family got 3 iPad 1 off eBay returning the fire
New Posts  All Forums: