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we all figured pystar was being funded by apple competitors why can't apple get all their documentation to discover WHO was the puppet master
if they can work on cdma AND gsm, i'm ordering from apple asap and then work my deal with VZ ATT is that reasonable approach
in 200 years we will all be dependent on govt feeding us we will become the food for the aristocracy refer to "the time machine" "1984"
my linksys 4200 works great less intuitive to set up but getting better converage using the dual band requires you to go advanced if only cisco could learn from vizio about set up
how much to present?? SJ has already presented ios5 how much does it take to say here is the new phone. they could use any day imo usually there are several things presented. so what else and no invites YET
right on, also, apple has a lock on the machines to make the case, others can't and use other materials, apple has them buffaloed and they want to blame someone they want an excuse to put out junk and blame others, they can't compete on price, logistics (thank you tim cook) costs, etc so let them put out junk and compete with that just wait till apple uses a6 a7 of there own design in the macbook line wow bloodbath
lets see, 3gs new or refurbished iphone att iphone VZ unlocked refurbished poeple know they will be two phone models and last years iP4 till inventory is reduced or cleared people are now used to it just look at the android mess droid, gallaxy, 2.2 2.3 2.? app capable not capable iphone world is still sooooo simple i want an iphone, the universe is hands above the mess in other phones. the key is gsm, cdma for other than china they have enough...
i will do better by using netflix for streaming, but their choices become narrow especially for family stuff cut out the "dvd" option altogether and use redbox i figured that i rent less than 8 dvd's a month and i can reserve them at the redbox at my nearby walmart and RECUCE my fixed cost netflix is becoming less and less relevent hello redbox
very well said, BB is losing its base and the fact that they have no real future path for its OS, it makes keeping them and supporting very difficult from the enterprise IT perspective.....no path .....no future...IT is embracing something that has a multiyear timeline and that is NOT BB.....MS is still too nebulous, android may not be here (enterprise doesn't want to deal with patent infringement issues)most i talk with are discussing not if , but WHEN to leave BB...
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