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i'm waiting until i get an email from apple on how to migrate my mobleme account
does itunes 10.5 require lion? i have SL what does itunes 10.5 do for me?? i'm getting new ip4s(steve edition) friday,
you myself and several others online have said the same i got the steve edition
My thoughts as well I will sit and wait Maybe sl users will get this Don't want to upgrade to lion just yet
i just read this article saying people are replacing the 'search business" with the "answer business" i just realized that that's true i'm looking more and more for answers with siri i need google search less and less Steves brilliance getting and nurturing siri purchase http://bigthink.com/ideas/40578?page=1
doesn't take long for threads to degrade and go off topic
other sites have brought up the same but in his honor i just bought two iPhone 4 "steve" editions
How about 4S 4 Steve
learning from the past the key to getting the i-whatever is that preorder period or take a chance at long wait times it has been worth the 3 hours less sleep to get these and trying at the att store is miserable--then they say only 1 per customer apple site rocks even with a few hiccups my 3g (my wifes especially) are long in the tooth, my wife's mute button doesn't work and the battery life sucks i'm so excited....also was able to order my otterbox defender cases also,...
got an extra reservation don't need just wait or is there a way to cancel this
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