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thanks for your insight, their are pro level users and consumers of various levels you are right as display increase movies are more abundant, the needs are increasing so now i'm thinking 32 or 64 and as you say the apps will only get more sophisticated i can see getting a standalone hd for other things but can you connect to an ipad--not as this point so this push to make ipad "your only or first computer really does have limitations see my wife wants an ipad,...
with icloud and drop box how much local storage do you REALLY need how many of you would buy an ipad with 256gb?? when schools order iPads they get 16gb OK i can understand more local storage on a macbook or imac but isn't local storage becoming obsolete (for most consumers) i would like to see trended how much local storage people are using since the ipad came out, and over this next year as iCloud is adopted my wife wants to migrate to an iPad, so the max...
so after much research you can't connect a port powered cd player by usb to the iPad no way to get cd music to iPad without another computer so for a first computer it does 99% of what people with their first computer does great for grandma great for children great for all understanding the above limitations it will be huge with iOS 5
can an iPad be a persons only computer ?? first computer?? most have iTunes on another computer to sync how to get music from cd to iPad with no other computer many people are asking this of me yes i am experienced apple guy....don't flame me for this question i think that if all your music is purchased from iTunes no prob but what strategy would you offer someone that this would be their first computer say grandma and others they see that $500 and get...
what did they tell you to turn off???
more and more will be given over to siri i'd like to see siri max battery and she dims screen turns off bt wifi etc what you set up in a pref list siri coordinate meeting with smith jones, for thursday 15th at 4pm and all the background work done siri is the bomb i do most of my texting with siri she types faster than i do
What's the culprit? We should have a poll Or "contest" Corrupted contacts Location services? Wish apple had a single button to max Battery setting or have 3 choices With/ without BT/ max How about bringing back turn off 3G I could milk a couple hours by switching 3G Off Btw mines doing great getting >24hrs Huge improvement over my 3G
there are ways to improve battery life, do a google search mine is great 24hrs to 25% lov n it get a droid 4g LTE whatever or something like that and see real battery life
there tech is weak siri is the future and don't you think SJ made a lockout deal to keep it from others that's the advantage of using your $$$ to protect your future funny it comes out now my thoughts these bozos (sorry bozo) checked with nuance and found a barrier to them implimenting this tech i mean stealing the tech and its a no go SJ didn't leave this world without a way to protect his baby this is why we didn 't get the ip4s in june he was still in...
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