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considering the demographics of android users most will think TAG Heuer is a zipper brand  a game on google play and can't pronounce it   a quick way to cheapen your brand   connect with people that never heard, saw, fitted or even read a magazine with ad for TAG Heuer    wow all those analysts saying apple watch will fail.......why all following??   gee can't wait for the 2 for 1 sale
Here is what apple can do Provide value and choice Inputs Apple TV multiple inputs from all devices Use Siri to select Let Apple ui simple select If I don't have a cable box it's easier But what if I want to connect a DVD player when I rent from redbox?? Plug into Apple TV Siri play DVD and it does all the switching Have a usb 3 output for HDD use it for downloads and DVt Or Apple TV comes with a HD price points based on storage size I wish they would allow ala cart I can...
Great idea and spamsand idea of letting us choose Siri search
batteries yes, new technology yes integrated chips in batteries yesFUEL CELLS BETTERthats what i think apple has up its sleeve they are learning much with these data centers can you imagine an iPhone 6 with a tiny fuel cell lasting days weeks.   Easy charging no cords wow that's so apple
All those car engineers are not working on an apple car but CarPlay integration?? Infotainment integration If aftermarket CarPlay can come down in price and integrate better with steering wheel controls I think the market could push more manufacturers to do this Maybe apple can spend some $$$ lowering engineering costs to manufacturers and become a subcontractor for dash design etc Is CarPlay following Apple TV?? Because Apple becomes dependent on outside...
There's a wonderful invention called the full stop (or period). It makes reading easier.   You might like to try it some time.   Hey ben fronst    i'm sorry about not using stops.... my right hand is bum and i had to  use my left hand when i get my right hand back i won't have to use just one finger   point (.) taken   non compete are against competitors how is apple its competitor?
Very interesting bankruptcy?? Wow as an employee of a company in bankruptcy Id like the idea of FINDING ANOTHER JOB It's not viable As a company then move on I said in a related post maybe apple tried to buy them but leadership Didn't get a chance to screw over apple or their Employees like GT did Sooooo apple went around them
Apple is not a competitor to this company It's not going to create a company Use their experience in battery development I think fuelcell for everything I including powering everything data centers spaceship headquarters Sooooo Poaching is not illegal How then to get around No compete contracts ?? Has Apple learned from Samsung that legal wheels grind slowly And by the time something happens it's too late for the other company This will all be used internally never sold...
http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2015/02/16/apple-wants-to-own-the-dashboard/23519593/ my thought exactly how to accelerate carplay integraton, how to jump start the slowness of the auto industry i'd love to have an apple store have installers for my carplay by apple
lets see apple has what 170+ billion it could buy a car company   what about designing interiors and ways to easily integrate apple products   carplay  should be a no brainer for car companies but the hesitation tells me apple wants to  have a work around, apple doesn't want to go into a different industry they will lose focus its about easy integration  how to get carplay into more cars   what about fuel cells for cars, iPads MacBooks etc
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