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gee our government calls apple before it for apple to grovel and beg plead same as the chinese a few months ago the people making the laws are surprised by their lack of insight and people find ways to pay less taxes   those who wrote the laws are a bunch of boobs   we avoid taxes   how about the govt employees that are not paying their taxes its billions   hypocritical messes our congress,  yet they give out plum exemptions to their "buddies"   the...
agree with the above   i still will use camera+ to optimize the images to spare file space i'd just like to have a flash that works, all my flash photos at night are bluish   larger sensor, better low light same 8mp or even 6mp   i use the camera with email, shutter fly i don't need huge files to clog up my email and memory   pre order camera+ for iphone 6 anyone???
Personal update on maps quality   i had to visit family in the southern calif area (nightmare driving mess) I had both my garmin on the windshield and my iphone beside me   iphone maps was PERFECT not a glitch   after trying the mess of menu input into my garmin  i just used it to show headsup display for streets around me   used siri and contracts and wow what a great experience   accurate, quick with re-routing (happened alot due to such a mess...
I'll tell you who would want one and the market is HUGE SCHOOLS SCHOOLS SCHOOLS If they announce this and it's not vapor then I'd order 75 for our local school Cheaper price point similar access win win Some that already have a iPad 3 saying its a bit big and heavy My 9 yr old would get one Apple needs more price points I've been suggesting to people refurbished iPad 2 I got one for my mother in law for 319 So I can see discontinuing the faster ipad2 variant for...
that san andreas fault is a bitch....
now just think who is  a "heartbeat" away from being president   biden vs ryan   the coverup and negligence of protecting our embassy is a tragedy, opens old wounds about the original 9/11 attack   are we SAFER from terrorists than 4 years ago ......NOT   obama....voters remorse   clueless
anyone like the old ios5 keypad design, i would like the option to change to black keys white letters in the "accessibility" section
there is really nothing left, who looks for a "nokia" anything    this will be the basis for mba thesis about failure   but in the tech world things happen much faster, much longer  for kmart vs walmart, now sears is a shadow of itself   really amazing   another mba subject   samsung, IP, and how lawyers can copy a phone
i would think that turn by turn includes via bluetooth   i also hope that google maps is still an option, since i use it for search, restaurants, gas, etc   i'd still like both and be able to choose   maps and data, since on a server, should be continuously updated   very much looking forward for this   its a pain upgrading my gamin, takes 3 hours,  BUT i help off updating my  unit when i heard this today
i wouldn't mind a two stage log in but the one at my bank rocks easy, secure, self directed (i chose the picture) have you tried googles two stage system, they text you a code to input for log in so you have to have your cellphone, i prefer the picture system, and if you are at a different computer then the questions now lets make it even more cumbersome
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