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this makes no sense there is already push for for nfc type credit cards and chip and pin coming soon   people want MORE SECURE PAYMENTS   as more and more breaking occur people won't go to those that DON'T RESPECT SECURITY its also a huge risk as consumers come into the Christmas buying season do you think i shop at Target, HomeDepot etc???   consumers make the payments to make the money for the stores those stores like CVS can do whatever but they don't buy...
After the eBay Samsung mess This to prevent Samsung stock from COLLAPSING it's for defense 6 and 6s and using no Samsung parts Massive threat to a already panicking Samsung SJ REVENGE So who of you want to invest in Samsung BEFORE they spin off mobile unit SJ REVENGE
PayPal will die a slow death Didn't ebay announce today spin off of PayPal Hmmmm wonder why That's why eBay stock went up
YES YES AND YES   great postthey beech to get more bribes we are fools to keep electing these dogs in government   massive debt ruining our children's futureScotland should have left  become free the big UK and EU fear......when you are not dependent their reason for existence goes away
EU extortion plain and simple war on prosperity Ireland reveals the EU mess, political buddies get the breaks  EU jealousy tax policy EU is anti business and anti growth EU   profit= bad to be avoided.....EU wants to "help"   other countries would love apple business   EU like mafia,   it wan't it's "respect"  this will go away after payoff corrupt politicians
what chance for the A8 nfc 4 inch screen  i don't like the larger sizes would you think that next round we'd have 4   4.7 5.5 all with touch id   nfc, etc
For luxury watch it's very appealing Some watch affection ado see it as the most for the least that at their price point no other watch can compete with or without being a smart watch Here comes TAG HEUER wanting to make a smart watch The cheapest I've see a TAG $1400 and up well above Rolex 6-12k So with a proven company like apple 1200$ isn't much stretch for a TAG customer But tag heuer wants to try OMG...
for those of us who like the 4" screen i need to see 6, 6+ with an otter box or life proof case  to see how it fits my hand and pockets reachability is an awesome INNOVATION  as is the landscape mode on the 6+  great UI    I just need to see them in the "flesh"   and for those that use Mophie products----oh baby the bulk   now why can't the 5s get the new chip and THINNESS   i'd like a 5s the thickness of the 5th gen iPod touch   and hey lets bring apple pay to...
can you use iPhone apple store app to pre-order the iPhone 6 or on a mac???
pre order process?? can you pre order through iPhone apple store app or how?? 12:01am  9/12???
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