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You mean apple can't find anything better?? My issue We have NSA looking over our shoulder govt spying on its citizens Why have another path for political elitist a to manipulate our data I don't like google for its search which most use so close to govt leaders We were warned about the Military industrial complex We now have the tech snoops Keep him and his likes AWAY from our data It's too enticing for govt to use to control and intimidate its people It could and will...
no samsung products they steal ip   look at their dyson look alike they are bullies and don't innovate   when my samsung washer dryer goes  i'll replace with whirlpool   its the same reason i don't steal music, movies etc    the creator needs to be  rewarded for creating samsung the thief
Marketing scams don t work You can fool the people....... Samsung plastic mess has finger scan that doesn't work I don't care how much you spend on marketing A pig I a tuxedo is still a pig Now the bottom feeders have figured out samscum strategy Gee crash in profits well good I hope their stock price falls triple what value they STOLE from apple Dyson should also be laughing A discussion at lunch by someone saying how much apple has let him down he is breaking free and...
I wish this photo app comes earlier iPhoto at first was good now meh Can't really work with external hd with airport I wish it could upgrade airport to better work with external hd Can't wait hope it comes WITH Yosemite at no addition $$$$
I see these iMacs as an attention getter AND for schools understand what people are using their iMac's for mine are used (side by side in the den on a custom table)  by my kids for homework, youtube, minecraft web surfing they are from 2007  upgraded to 3gb ram and still rocking i use them when i need two screens to do my iBank program and ripping dvd's since it has the built in superdrive (handbrake) what real limitations do these "low power" iMacs have ....what...
Fragmentation will raise it's ugly android face Activation lock helps 90+ iOS 7 NOW android NOT NOT EVEN CLOSE Some android company should name their new phone Re-galaxy s-RE5 👍👍😱😎
thank goodness, iPhoto doesn't do well on an external drive connected to the routerphotos eat up a ton of space on my late 13 mbp  because i have to keep all my pics localbecause of iPhoto limitations so this new iCloud storage will be my everything cloud?includingiOS and device backupi just paid for the 50gb iCloud and pushing its limits with iOS device backup --maybe i'll get a discounti hope it converges ALL my mac and iOS needsi'd love one cloud for all things
How about this software upgrade FIX IPHOTO AND ITUNES so they are FULLY FUNCTIONAL on an external hard drive connected to a router Say maybe their airport AC ??? It's a mess and needs to be FIXED the way it is now they ARE NOT And chews up massive chunk of my late 2013 MBP RET
From what I understand They are buying access .... To the growth demographic ..... To content labels .... To what's now no wait for the us to build My issue among many that have been mentioned If there is a delay because of "valuation "" Then why the price point pushed of 3.2 B??? Is it worth less or Come now --- MORE??
My school bought iPads with apple care plus 18 months ago So are they included and go to 3 years?? Or only new orders?
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