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Fragmentation will raise it's ugly android face Activation lock helps 90+ iOS 7 NOW android NOT NOT EVEN CLOSE Some android company should name their new phone Re-galaxy s-RE5 ­čĹŹ­čĹŹ­čś▒­čśÄ
thank goodness, iPhoto doesn't do well on an external drive connected to the routerphotos eat up a ton of space on my late 13 mbp  because i have to keep all my pics localbecause of iPhoto limitations so this new iCloud storage will be my everything cloud?includingiOS and device backupi just paid for the 50gb iCloud and pushing its limits with iOS device backup --maybe i'll get a discounti hope it converges ALL my mac and iOS needsi'd love one cloud for all things
How about this software upgrade FIX IPHOTO AND ITUNES so they are FULLY FUNCTIONAL on an external hard drive connected to a router Say maybe their airport AC ??? It's a mess and needs to be FIXED the way it is now they ARE NOT And chews up massive chunk of my late 2013 MBP RET
From what I understand They are buying access .... To the growth demographic ..... To content labels .... To what's now no wait for the us to build My issue among many that have been mentioned If there is a delay because of "valuation "" Then why the price point pushed of 3.2 B??? Is it worth less or Come now --- MORE??
My school bought iPads with apple care plus 18 months ago So are they included and go to 3 years?? Or only new orders?
did the above  reset thing 3 times, restore from backup 2  times,  turned off everything as per several "genius" blogs, two apple reps instructions, was told to turn off "find my iPhone" which i didn't like to do--but did anyway.  3 calls and all this my wife wanted a functioning phone.   third call to apple they pulled the triggerNOWworks like a charm my wife can actually use it but thanks for the insight
oooops double post
Personally I'm afraid upgrade my wife had such a terrible experience was 7.1 with battery drain Apple replaced her phone now it's okay. So I'm somewhat reluctant to make an upgrade when my phone is working just fine right now. I'm in a wait a little while to make this upgrade My only issue right now is some lag when I press the touchscreen other than that just fine Cautiously optimistic that this would help but I'm going to wait What I am really waiting for his improved...
i switched to yahoo when they began more secure searches BUT living with yahoo search needs more tools for mobile i would like to search over a given time frame, say 24hrs, week, month etc like google tools allows me   integrate searches to apple maps.... e.g.  searching for county clerks office, restaurant, businesses   better image search where you can mag up the image for better detail and the source web site  trying to view the parts for a special lock i have...
Get a separate app for Iradio present system is a mess finding it in iTunes Fix search iTunes still too hRd to find stuff and separate from my iPhone stuff I love apple but gee wiz hire some execs from google search division poaching can help Make iTunes AND iPhoto work BETTER with an external HD connected to your router (TC with external) Presently iTunes sucks on external not connected to your Mac Keeps forgetting where my library is hey if more people are using...
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