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my school has 150 iPad 2 when will apple no longer support them or no further software updates they work just fine think that since they have been sold till now and to many schools we still have 1-2 years left how many years till we must replace your thoughts
Beerstalker: my thought exactly others have given us ways around the increase and the credit card option is tasty but they need ala cart pricing just as i wish cable did pay for the services you use funny how free shipping sites are targeting amazon depends on how much heat customers AND businesses put on them pretty soon "streaming movies" with be like toys in the cereal box loss leader, that's why i wish hope, plan on apple doing it right (as an aside a friend gave me...
GREAT  idea, thanks
what's this about   its a price increase for services i DON'T want so you pay it i'm dropping prime    above thanks   i'll try that site   what amazon needs to do is charge for the service as i discussed    how about this novel idea prime  $ prime with streaming and borrowing  $$   lets try to keep customers not alienate them   i've been a prime member for as long as there has been prime   so what's loyalty to customer's anyway???
i don't want to pay for something i DON'T use,  i want to save $240 a year which pays for an iPhone upgrade the easiest thing for me to do is STOP USING AMAZON PRIME AND BUY FROM OTHERSTHERE'S AN APP FOR THAT
So how do we contact them This is stupid
HEY AMAZON BREAK IT UP I do nt want the other services don't use them why pay for them Amazon the new cable company How do we contact amazon??
This is still TOO HIGH net 10 $50 second smart phone 45$ 2gb unlimited text and talk I have an old ATT plan too good to give up My daughter 12 has no text plan Between iMessage (95%) of her friends Textnow Whatsapp Don't need a text plan saved $$$$$ This ATT stuff is bogus Some compeitition in cellular but govt controls the bandwidth No competition in cable comcast TW merger will devastate consumer choice And kill off our ability to get alacart programming or reasonable...
what i hope happens:   aftermarket carplay--i have a honda odyssey love to be able to add carplay for tha great 7" screen.     Texting solution:  i use siri and my plantronics earbud to handle limited texting(honda handsfree not very accurate) , reply to text while driving but the lag and UI is very much lacking.  any of you who have used siri for initiating and reply to text will understand.  Though i don't use it but infrequently, i'd like a simple interface to read...
Ford has done a lot of great things Dropping MS is one Won't buy one because of terrible voice system and they got dinged by customer satisfaction scores it's a it barrier So ford dumps the POS ms system and partners with..... Blackberry qnx system WTF Let's embrace a dead system Ford screwed the pooch with that one Go with the best ford Just terrible announcement Get an interface customers can choose Add on apple interface for my iPhone Ford go with a winner Ford had...
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