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Why not? If I could share with my mother, why not my adult children? More importantly, why can't I loan them my movies?
'Family Sharing' is kind of half baked. It is cool when your kids are little or you have a lot to of money, but my kids are grown (and I am poor). But I have purchased a lot of movies on iTunes, it is my favorite venue for movies, since I have an apple TV. If I wanted to loan out a movie, the way I used to loan out DVD's it doesn't work. My kids want to make their own purchase, but I am not able to let them see movies, TV shows or music that I have purchased and want to...
What is it about adding BlueTooth to a device that triples the price of it?
I think media mogul Byron Allen (I know, right?) has the future of media sewn up, as far as the model goes. Instead of producing shows and selling them to media outlets, who in turn sells advertising and hops to make money from the advertisers, he gives the shows to the media outlets and then shares advertising revenue with them. Sadly most of his shows are crap, but he is rolling in dough as a result. Slap some internet access on that and you share nothing (or very...
After having a succession of data breaches, joy would think they'd be all over, never wanting to touch a card number again. I guess that is why Target ® be like 'hell yeah!'
it has a nice esthetic to it. However it has happened,, it's been a while since I've had icons on my home screen
If you want to keep wifi passwords, then you have to encrypt the backup. You think it would say that somewhere, it probably does, but who reads?
I am amazed at the number of people I see with an iPhone and no case. iPhones are notoriously slippery. I am going a little farther this trip, I am getting a wallet case, because everybody isn't going to have %uF8FFPay, and this will reduce the number of items in the 'pocket check' from three to two.
I am very tempted to use a back up, if for no other reason it saves all my wi-fi logins. But since I am going from a 16 to a 56, space is going to be the least of my issues, at least for now. One of my worries about using a back up is that if there is some kind of corruption in the backup, like something that was jacking the battery up, it could be transferred to the new device. I know that sounds wacky, but I have had that happen during at least one device transfer. 
It is a very clever implementation. Well played Mr. Pay, well played indeed. It appears that you know your judo very well. One really cool thing about it is that the card names (except when using the default thing) show up on the screen, so the banks get that branding presence that they love.
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