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Where iOS 8 at?
I believe it is, but at the same time they could be, and possibly should be, comparing anonymous responses to come to the better conclusion. I know that my phone has 'learned' based on which letter I type first in an onboard search, which is the most likely answer to my query. That is cool. But all of a sudden it is doing the craziest fill ins with typing, which can be exasperating.
They collect data, but its more like the weather report than a political prognostication. It helps Siri or Messages (on the %uF8FFWatch) return better replies, although Siri made need some more help with that, not that I am mad about it. I like that you pay Apple for the product and that is the end of that. I don't get with the Google and for the most part Facebook philosophy that makes us all into the product that they sell to people who they will not even tell us who...
Well there is the obvious thing. The iPhone has outsold the Galaxy with certain consistency every year both of them have been out. So while Samsung did offer the first phablet and bigger phones, more people decided no to engage with them. I still don't like the bigger phones. I'm getting the 6, but to be honest, I would be happy if the iPhone was still a mere 3.5 inches.
I have to say I'm surprised by the desire for the 6+. I ordered 2 6's wiithout a problem. The 6+ Is too big for my liking, but then I still think the 4s is the most beautiful phone ever made, although I've finally gotten use to the size of the 5. I wonder why they offer a 16gig and dropped the 32? The 16 needs to go the way of the 4 and 8 gigs. Apps and data are huge now.
What is the 'Cue'? Doesn't Siri already alert you to traffic on daily travel, if you go to the same place a lot? Its on the screen when you pull down and check for weather. It knows the traffic and tells you it will take so long to get to where you go everyday (or so). It could be a little more location aware, but it works for me as it is most of the time.
I don't think Apple needs to attack anyone. What do they have to win? They are already comfortably on the throne. 
It's sad that they need to include the iPhone in any advertisements on the other hand, it is cool that Apple never even acknowledges 'competitors' in their iPhone ad. I know people like to think these are the same as the Mac-vc-PC ads, but they are not. PC is not a company or a 'brand' in the way that Apple is. Phones are now very over-featured, like cars are. Too many bells and whistles that users never take advantage of, and are often harder to use than they appear....
As a black man, I'm saddened but not surprised by the posts of those who see diversity as a waste of time and effort on the part of Apple. Diversity is America's greatest strength. What appears to be the best person for the job, on paper is really a subjective matter at the least. There are times when the best person is the least likely. One of the benefits of having a diverse workforce is that everyone, because of cultural differences, isn't going to take the same...
Interesting. I don't think throttling is fair, nor do I think the problem isn't one with a technological answer. How much evidence has Verizon set forth to prove that mega-users are the problem that Verizon says they are? Who does the internet really belong to? Has it become a utility? It seems that there are more questions to be answered here. Verizon presents a perspective, but is that the best one?
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