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I am amazed at the number of people I see with an iPhone and no case. iPhones are notoriously slippery. I am going a little farther this trip, I am getting a wallet case, because everybody isn't going to have %uF8FFPay, and this will reduce the number of items in the 'pocket check' from three to two.
I am very tempted to use a back up, if for no other reason it saves all my wi-fi logins. But since I am going from a 16 to a 56, space is going to be the least of my issues, at least for now. One of my worries about using a back up is that if there is some kind of corruption in the backup, like something that was jacking the battery up, it could be transferred to the new device. I know that sounds wacky, but I have had that happen during at least one device transfer. 
It is a very clever implementation. Well played Mr. Pay, well played indeed. It appears that you know your judo very well. One really cool thing about it is that the card names (except when using the default thing) show up on the screen, so the banks get that branding presence that they love.
Spell correct is one of the greatest adventures of the modern age. There is no telling what the heck they are going to come up with or why they do. 
Yeah, that allow all access thing really harshed that desire. Native keyboard it is!
Well you know we all rushed the severs like they were the walls of a fort, and we were being chased by zombies, wait we are the zombies. I was point and clicking iTunes to no avail, so I deleted all my Apple apps and some other ones to get below the 5.8 gig threshold on moth my iPhone and iPad with OTA updates, it says minutes, but I don't believe it. I'm starting to wonder about trusting Apple when they are always misleading about that wait time. Ooo, ooo. ooo preparing...
Where iOS 8 at?
I believe it is, but at the same time they could be, and possibly should be, comparing anonymous responses to come to the better conclusion. I know that my phone has 'learned' based on which letter I type first in an onboard search, which is the most likely answer to my query. That is cool. But all of a sudden it is doing the craziest fill ins with typing, which can be exasperating.
They collect data, but its more like the weather report than a political prognostication. It helps Siri or Messages (on the %uF8FFWatch) return better replies, although Siri made need some more help with that, not that I am mad about it. I like that you pay Apple for the product and that is the end of that. I don't get with the Google and for the most part Facebook philosophy that makes us all into the product that they sell to people who they will not even tell us who...
Well there is the obvious thing. The iPhone has outsold the Galaxy with certain consistency every year both of them have been out. So while Samsung did offer the first phablet and bigger phones, more people decided no to engage with them. I still don't like the bigger phones. I'm getting the 6, but to be honest, I would be happy if the iPhone was still a mere 3.5 inches.
New Posts  All Forums: