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You think they would be tired of this by now. Stop trying to out do Apple, stop trying to jump in front of what you think Apple is going to do. Do what Samsung do. Oh wait, that is what Samsung do.
That is only if they have access to that from the lock screen, which you can turn off.
My son's iPhone 5 was stolen. It was passcode protected. He was on my Find Friends list, as well as his own Find my iPhone. The first thing the thief did was turn off the phone. That was months ago. There has not been so much as an alert that the phone had ever been turned on since. Had the phone not been turned off, the tracking would've led to the phone if not the thief as well. If the passcode would've been required to turn the phone off, all of the anti theft aspects...
All of the anti-theft capabilities are inoperable if someone can turn the damned phone off without entering a password.
Content is really king. Even though there are over a thousand channels on Roku, most people use it for Netflix, Hulu Plus, and music (which that interface sucks). Even if Apple can't get live broadcast, it would be a giant step forward for them to get internet rebroadcast on Apple TV, and without having to pay cable for it. If/when that happens, the cable station will have to come along. Why pay $100 a month for cable when I can purchase subscriptions to the TV shows I...
I think it will be fine. I know that NPR has some of the most downloaded podcasts that there are. I know I have about 8 or 9 of them. If you are a news junkie, NPR is the the least cut fix you can get. It wouldn't be a big deal to add a donate now button somewhere on the screen and then have the dough come out of your iTunes account.
My man!
Not Magic, he is as exploitative as a plantation owner. I would go with Neil deGrasse-Tyson or some black girl in a high school physics class.
If the pay is good, being a token ain't bad!
The very least thing you can do is recognize when you are displaying Afrophobia, also known as 'Anti-Black' bias. Hopefully by recognizing when you do it, it will make you more sensitive to when it happens. If you want to do more, go and volunteer at a predominately black school, tout the benefits of learning math and begin able to read well.  The counter of anti-black bias is implicit trust in what authoritative white males say. Or, and I could totally understand not...
New Posts  All Forums: