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I have a three and would have liked to upgrade, but there is no point until they have TouchID as well.
Well there is that whole question about what 'productive' is. Working on anything larger than a reply to a post on a board, I'm going to choose a keyboard. Screen size is not nearly as important to me as text size is. Being able to have two apps on screen can be nice, but isn't as necessary as you would think. I'm sure Apple is looking for a way to accomplish that on a small screen that isn't jarring. On my iMac, I might have 12 or 13 screens open at a time, but generally...
Its a nice whatever it is, but nothing to play Candy Crush on the toilet with or read in bed, or my easy chair. I have my Apple Bluetooth keyboard that I use with it when I am writing in the coffee shop, The Windows thing has a nice screen resolution but like the writer concluded it is too much a laptop to be a good tablet. 
Good business!
It' pay, just needs some ironing, Remember, early adopters are really late beta testers!
He did get throttled once in the last year. Before that though, I'd check the data and I've seen him do 9 and 7 gigs in a month. When he got the 5 and it was choosing LTE over wifi, he downloaded half of the internet that month too.
300mb?! 300 megabytes! I can fart that much in a day. Where the hell did that come up with such a stupid number? Automobile manufacturers with their 36 Month or 36,000 mile warranties?
I am almost certain that most months I could save money using shared data. Right now I have four iPhones on my plan,two of them still have unlimited (initially all did, but two weren't using it so I lowered them, and of course I am now paying the old price with a cap on their data). My son, who is now in college has downloaded as much as 9 gigs in a month, and now that LTE is faster than the wifi at his school, I'm sure he won't be letting up. If they end it, then we will...
I had that BSOD on my 5s, it rebooted, and then did it again. That isn't good, but I'm sticking with it.
I actually had a blue crash twice yesterday. The screen turned blue for about a second and the phone restarted, without my prompting it. Then it happened again less then three minutes later. When it restarted, I quite all running apps and haven't had a problem since. But it shook me to see my, not even two week old 5s go through it like that. And the message thing would be nice to see fixed as well.
New Posts  All Forums: