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I didn't say it was a cause, but it is a factor, one I can clearly see as soon as I walk into the office. 
As a Black man, father of three (all of the same mother, from whom I am currently divorced) I am really saddened by this thread, but I am not surprised. I have found that there are a lot intellectuals who are not enlightened, or maybe I just disagree with them. Not that asking for diversity on boards and in upper management is a bad, thing, it isn't. We are mostly Americans and can ask anyone for anything we want. I'm not sure that such a move would make that much of a...
I think a tuner is exactly what they need. For one reason, the tuners that are currently available in most digital televisions suck to one degree or another, look at all the people who are not able to get CBS via over the air reception in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, and there wouldn't be any licensing fees for receiving over the air broadcasts which could be captured and saved for personal use. Then other providers would be falling all over themselves to get their...
What I don't care for on the remote app is that it always opens to the wrong screen, because my TV and computer are in the same room. Which also creates a problem with using the aluminum remote as it will increase the volume and start to play something on the computer and I am trying to move the cursor on the TV screen. Sheesh!
Apple shook the pillars of the world.
I think Yahoo should get it over with and just marry Apple.
How does a small retail business make use of this technology? What has to be done to implement and maintain it? Its nice to know that some folk are taking advantage of it, but do you need to have an IT department to get it up and running?
That is a big effen deal. Chinese New Year is a monster holiday, like Christmas on steroids.
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