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I think Yahoo should get it over with and just marry Apple.
How does a small retail business make use of this technology? What has to be done to implement and maintain it? Its nice to know that some folk are taking advantage of it, but do you need to have an IT department to get it up and running?
That is a big effen deal. Chinese New Year is a monster holiday, like Christmas on steroids.
It's a stupid argument for anyone who's ever touched a tablet. I'm good with my full sized Bluetooth Apple keyboard should I need one.
At least it an unmitigated disaster.
I do have different security set up on my iPad than my iPhone., the iPhone used to request a password after five minutes, the iPad after 15. It's the same password on both. Now that I have Touch ID on the phone, I'd prefer the same experience on the iPad. I really like the TouchID and will upgrade my iPad when it becomes available. The Smart Cover is nice, but not as nice as Touch ID
Someone needs to point out to them that they should get at least a 32gb if they're upgrading from the iPad 2 16gb, because the retina screen apps are freaking enormous.
Having gone from the 4s to the 5s, I totally appreciate the speed bumps. I will not touch one because I know that I will want it to replace my version 3. But using the Touch ID lets me know I want that on my next iPad, even though security is less of an issue on an iPad than an iPhone, but I still want to have it.
It needs an update to bring back landscape and the keyboard. I think they should have more functionality on the iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: