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Don't go picking on analysts, nobody gets it 'right'. It's kind. Of amazing that they keep trying and failing in the spectacular manner they do. It makes me wonder if there are rumor and insider websites dedicated to other companies. I imagine that the knic of speculation Apple endures is visited on other companies, just not with the same amount of public dedication. Gene Munster is not the worst of the bunch, and there is a bunch.
I wouldn't use saving trees as a reason to go electronic. More paper, more trees cut down. More trees cut down, more trees grown. I would use speed and reliability as a reason to go electronic, much more quicker to update than paper, and paper sucks when you try to increase the font size.
It is a product that lends itself to good advertising, which is ironic for a company that has struggled with commercials on its own products. I still think Apple TV would have a lot more content if commercials were allowed in the tv shows on the iTunes Store. I like the extended version best.
 Good point
I agree that Touch ID is massively underrated. I see it as a definite paradigm shift. And a very licensable technology. I want it on the front door and the refrigerator. The sped and accuracy of it is amazing.
I have to say, his job is not an easy one. There are a lot of cats that have to be herded when making projections about Apple's stock. Their supply chain looks more like a squid than an octopus, it is a very big company, making a lot of moves, some more obvious than others. That said, I was listening to, I think it was, a Freakonomics podcast and they were talking about prognostications and the people who make them. It seems that in order to become a legend, you only have...
The reason to leave the kid in the car is the child carseat. They are a necessary hastle, as a matter of I e management, he could've gone in and got whatever he wanted in less time than it takes get the child in and out of the seat. As for the keys, that could be a small town thing. The iPad? I have no idea.
This is the place where Apple type innovation is really required. Okay so Sammie's watch in the pic is fugly, brutally fugly. It is a Curly double take, ugly. But the hideousness of it didn't bother me as much as a 10hr battery did. It wouldn't make it through a workday. That is stupid. And why they hell would they need a wi-fi antenna on a watch? But that begs the question, "Just what do you need from a watch?'. And what should you be going through to get it. Is the...
The Smithsonian Channel is open and free content as far as I can tell, Disney requires logging in, which is not getting away from the cord, just tied up more in it. They are not going to get a damned thing until they are willing to bring on the commercials. You are not going to get content for free. I would rather have commercials than having to pay anything more for television and if folk want it without commercials, they can pay for it. But having to sign in with cable...
I think Roku has more content. To be honest, there isn't that much worth streaming on the Internet. Well nothing that is simple, legal and free. Sure there are a lot if talk shows, but as far as dramatic or comedic content with decent production values, and isn't cost prohibitive, there's not a lot. Especially on Apple TV, or short attention span theater, aka YouTube. Until broadcast or cable channels have access, the I telnet kinda sucks.
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