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A convex button within a concave space may be the way to go when it comes to accidental clicking. 
I'm almost certain that when FaceTime first appeared, Steve Jobs promised it would be cross platform. Given a choice between Skype and FaceTime, Skype doesn't even compare, not to mention all the troll communications from beautiful women stranded in Ghana on the other hand, since there are cross platform alternatives, is there a need for Messages and FaceTime to be cross platform? I just don't communicate with non-Apple device owners near as much. That's not my fault they...
Hmmm. I can see CBS trying to get their money since they are being carried by the cable company and also drawing viewers away from broadcast since they are bundled with the availability of so many other channels. However, if they were an app on Apple TV, even in competition with other over the air networks, Fox, NBC, ABC, and the local yokels (CW, Weigel Broadcasting), the lack of competition would compensate for the loss of cable since they would be selling advertisers...
Umm isn't it Time Warner that is blocking CBS? Hopefully CBS gives them the finger and streams over the internet and apps anyway. As soon as someone breaks free, the house of cable & satellite collapses. Sadly we don't have TW in Chicago, and even worse, because our local affiliate still broadcasts on VHF, many folk, me included, are not able to get them over the air. But I would love to see that CBS app inside my Apple TV, it would be all good!
I like and use Bento and it should be a part of the iWork suite. Spreadsheet are okay, but they aren't always as malleable as a nice database program. With th death of Bento, I don't think there will be any easy database programs available on Mac, or maybe not one I can sync with my iPad and iPhone that's will import data from Contacts. To be honest, I still miss AppleWorks. For me, iWork just never had the ease of use that AppleWorks did. Templates are okay, but they're...
Is their new motto 'If you think we were putting the squeeze on you before, you ain't seen nothing yet?'
I think what Microsoft and Samsung fail to realize is that it is really, almost impossible to go brand vs brand when your brand is running a, far from close, second or fifth place against a juggernaut like Apple. Even in their famous 'I'm a Mac, I'm a PC' spots, it wasn't actually brand vs brand because PC isn't a 'brand'. It's hard to win the argument that your features are better than the ones everyone else seems to be enjoying, or that your features are being missed....
damn I am sick of patent suits.
Thanks, that made the thread worth reading!
That is one of the reasons I don't have a lot of magazine subscriptions. They tend to only work in portrait and most of the iPad cases really only support landscape. But portrait is preferred during those times when I am er, uh, um indisposed, shall we say.
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