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Just as I suspected...
Not really. Since they will not have to print the documents, over and over again, those trees aren't going to live at all. While I like the environmental impact of using less fuel, fewer documents is not such a good thing. Trees have to grow a few years to make paper, and all the time that tree is growing, it has a net positive impact on the environment. 
It most likely isn't displayed in the icon as a battery managment issue,
If they want to do something, they should integrate it into public transportation so I don't miss my stop because I fell into that weird transit sleep, listening to NPR again.
With Keychain in the iCloud and other Safari features, 1Password is burnt.
I like the password to turn the phone off idea, after all, the idea is not to eliminate phone theft, just to lower and possibly mitigate it. It's like sest belts in automobiles, they didn't eliminate car crash deaths, but they do lower the number of deaths substantially. And while I agree with one poster who knew that getting the police to cooperate, a very important part of the equation is 'iffy' to say the least. But that is easily mitigated as well. If the police in...
It is not nearly as simple as you would suggest, nor is the colloration of liberalism and crime. If anything it is poverty and crime. So you may as well say, if you give people enough money, they will not commit crime. While that is true, it isn't feasable. Just like it is not feasble to simply kill criminals. I would attempt to explain it to you, but having been on the internet for a minute, I know that anyone who would take such an olympic sized long jump to the wrong...
It's a very nice ad. I wish more ads had that tenor to them. One of the biggest things that come across in both this and the Photo ad, is that while others may compare themselves to Apple, Apple compares itself to no one. Apple knows it is the standard bearer when it comes to its devices and the commercials, in a very understated manner, suggest or insinuate or would it be intimate, as to why.
Well, its got to start somewhere.
Thet really should require a password to turn the phone off. No one turns their phone off, and anyone with an iPhone in a city should be used to entering their passcode mulitple times a day anyway.  I've made the request here http://www.apple.com/feedback/ and I hope will make the request as well. A simple toggle to require passcode to turn off the phone would go along way in retrieving stolen phones and have thieves thinking twice about stealing them (until they can...
New Posts  All Forums: