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Looks like the glass is glued to the chassis. Have to use a heat gun and very carefully pry it off with heavy suction cups. Bad news for anyone planning to do their own upgrades.
Bad news for upgrading... The glass is glued to the chassis. Have to use a heat gun and very carefully pry it off. Not easy like the magnets in previous models.   The big rubber gasket you see inside is designed to keep heat away from the edges so it does not soften the glue causing the display panel to detach itself. The seal around the edge should be air tight to allow proper airflow within the machine so re-gluing it would be tricky as well.
The laminated layers of a dvdr degrade very quickly. You can get archival grade discs however the cost per gigabyte is rather high. Ive seen cheaper media become unreadable within 5 years however some discs can last a long time its sort of a tossup.
So what he's saying is we should buy the applecare :P
      Yes. Very ugly.
  You can boot from USB now. Apple added that boot option with lion.   Perhaps you have a point with CD's as compressed audio has an increased amount of distortion,   although iTunes offers higher bit-rates now, and some artists sell directly in lossless format...    However I am willing to bet that the overall distortion generated by the iMacs sound outputs would be much greater than that in which case one would require a professional grade external sound card with...
  Probably to keep the heat and noise down. Probably laptop drives in the 21.5 inch. 27 inch has 7200 rpm.
  Probably not the only person, but for most of us a DVD drive is totally useless. Its so much easier to share video over the web and 4 gigs of optical storage is a joke by todays standards, not to mention the low durability of optical media in general.
  Buy a usb dvd burner for $50 ?
Go to Apple's website. 4 ram slots! User Upgradeable!   I'm guessing the display lifts out like the glass did, just as one part. Maybe hidden screws on the bottom. probably easier that the last gen.
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