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I am not a big rap fan, although I do listen on occasion. The thing to understand about Dr Dre and all that "old school gangster rap" is that it comes from a place that luckily it seems most of us here did not have to come from. The music and ideas in it are a reflection of what life was like and the inner city attitude life that these people grew up in. It shows and expresses the type of life these people grew up in. People may enjoy listening to it for different reason,...
I think the section of how to buy the Macbook Pro is longer than the actual review. How does one determine the maker of their panel? I have bought one last fall and am curious to know.
The big problem is dumping everything in the fall and no summer iPhone release for me. People use to always talk and be buying apple products year round because things were being released year round. While with iOs devices, this makes more sense due to them wanting the latest A# chip complete for all products, its terrible for generating the hype apple use to have. Summer was the best time to release the iPhone, for my age range at least (18-23 was when we had summer...
You just lost me as a daily reader. I come here for news, not hyperbole.
I don't often visit these forums, but being from CT myself I do want to voice my opinion on this (haven't read anything past the first page of this thread though).   I've heard the debates for gun control, and our state does have some of the strictest laws for guns in the country. I can't understand the need for people to have anything other than a handgun for home defense. I get people want their rifles for hunting and for sport, but it's insane we let people...
Not sure if this is the right place to put it, but I came across this on youtube last night. It reviews the facts found in interviews and the authorized biography to re-examin Steve's illness, treatment, and even deduces the origins of his cancer. I thought it was a fascinating video.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81xnvgOlHaY   Highlights bellow if you don't have time to watch.   [[SPOILER]]
I have 4G LTE on my Lumia 900, and I always have it turned off, 3G is plenty fast, and i get great battery life with it. When I run on edge I get about 3-4 days of battery life with normal usage. If I get a iPhone 6 (yes, thats what it really is, just like how the 4S is really the 5), LTE will be off 90% of the time. I'll take longer battery life any day on my phone over speed.
  Hey all, I've been trying to convince one of my friends to get a rMBP to replace his aging HP laptop. He's never had a mac before, and I been trying to convince him for years to get one. I  finally have him almost convinced to get the rMBP, but for his major, he needs to have access to Windows as well. He plans on using Parallels for some of his work, but also may want to use bootcamp. He's worried because he has no plans to use W8, and wants to stick with W7, and is...
I'll be putting flowers in front of my local apple store tomorrow, RIP Steve.
Rest in Peace Steve. You're responsible for helping shape our world as it is today, and you're influence and accomplishments will be felt by every one of us until we one day join you. Rest in Peace, if anyone deserves to it's you.
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