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Reminds of of Alias where they are all fooled into thinking they work for the US government. lol.
Uh, it's Apples money being stolen, as well as developers.
I don't get why this is such an issue. Apple knows the websites that distribute cracked apps, go after them and sue.
This is ridiculous, at worst Samsung's Touchwiz resebles iOS. Their phones look like pretty much every other phone on the market.
A bit disapointed. -No deeply integrated voice control -No turn by turn gps or maps -Same grid interface There's some cool stuff, but lacking some of the killer features of other OS's.
SMH, get rid of this clown.
Apparently it shows up in the emulator though, theres a few articles on wmpoweruser.com that refer to it, I'm sure they'll have another press conference to talk about the collaboration with Nokia.
You make a good point about the "google goggles" aspect of WP7 Mango, but there's a lot more than just that being added into the OS. I happen to agree about that being a gimmick, but things like the messenger chats is something I can see being a big draw, as well as the way it now handles social groups in the people's hub. Turn by turn GPS is one of the reasons I have an android phone, and it's one of the big selling points of Android. Any of those 3 features are good...
Moto while developing their own mobile OS isn't even a player yet, and we've seen how hard it is for people to enter this market already (WP7, WebOS). If google were to release a new OS tomorrow, it would take 6 months for it to even start appearing on non-nexus handsets, if you go by how long it's taken 2.3 to start appearing on regular handsets(it was announced in december, we're almost in June now and the handsets running it are just starting to come out, most on...
Maybe not iPhone users, but I can see lots of Blackberry and Android users switching. It's got a built in messenger like BBM though Windows Live Messenger, it's got multiple hardware configurations which is one of the big draws to Android, and it has the security and walled garden of iOS. Being late to the game may have been the best thing for them, they've seen what people want to do and what they want from their phones and they're building their OS around that.
New Posts  All Forums: