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The Zune HD isn't a bad product though, one of my friends is a die hard Apple fanboy, and she is in love with the Zune HD, and she has 2 iPod touches and an iPhone. It's got a great screen for movies and a slick interface, and she says it's much easier to use as an MP3 player than the iPod app for iPhone OS, She said if it had the Apps that are available for the iPhone, she'd choose it instead of an iPod Touch.
Actually, before I got my MBP I configured a dell studio laptop with close specs and features to that of the 15" low end MBP, dell was slightly more expensive.Edit: I just put one together, only about 250$ cheaper than the 15"MBP, and even then, the MBP has some of the best engineering and reliability, plus OSX and the iLife suit.
Believe what you want, but the iPod phenomenon was born out of music piracy. 1,000 songs in your pocket was the idea back in 2001, and the iPod was developed internally at the latest 2000. It was the height of music piracy, Napster was released in 1999 and everyone was using it, and there were no consequences. Here comes the iPod, 1000 songs in your pocket. Now, even if each song was purchased legally, for 99c, that's 1,000 dollars, on top of an expensive MP3 player. By...
Having both used Droids and owning an iPhone, I can totally support this article. My mothers Droid's touchscreen was a pain to work with, nothing felt fluid or accurate, and fast motions never translated well.
Although I hate to admit it, my netbook running 10.5.6 does seem to be more stable than my Macbook Pro. As far as speeds go, the MBP takes the cake for obvious reasons.
You know you just make the OP look better right? I get you like Apple products, but you are taking this to another level. People come here to discuss Apple products and competitive products. No one is going to respect you or care what you have to say if you keep this fanatical attitude. You going to flame me because I prefer my xbox360 as a media center over an Apple TV, my hackintoshed netbook (and no, I did not pirate OSX, I went and bought it for 130$) over my macbook...
I was referring to the hardware in the iPhone 4, while the 2.1 android is more flashy than the Droids 2.0, you are right as Apple certainly has the better OS. Hardware wise, the Nexus overpowers the iPhone, and I do hope Apple's iPhone 4 patches up the "flaws" that other companies have been exploiting (camera and flash, outdated screen, and battery life flaws).
Man, the iPhone 4 is going to have to be pretty impressive if they are going to best the Nexus One.
Doesn't this mean Apple can now make money off Android as it grows... and Google with admob makes money as the Appstore grows?
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