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In my experience, battery life is never as advertised.
There is no username or password given during the jailbreak process...... bozo.... Also the Cydia Store has instructions on how to change your SSH password, and the instructions and "How to" SSH are on the main screen, soon as you load that app up, which is the first app any jailbreak will use. There's never been a need to change your password before this, as there was never a reason to. I still haven't changed mine, I just disable SSH when I'm not using it. You really...
Apparently it does count as haptic feedback, albeit a very basic form from what I understand.I'd like to understand what was so nonsensical in my post about the subject at hand though however, and clear up what I was trying to say if you had a hard time understanding.
You don't seem to understand much about Jailbreaking or who this effects. A normal iPhone doesn't have SSH access, neither does a Jailbroken one until the person who owns the phone themselves downloads an app to enable SSH, and then they enable it. At that time the username and password are root and alpine. What this thing does, is it searches for a phone that has SSH enabled, and accesses the files. It can only do this if 1. The person jailbroke.2. The person enabled...
Dell mini 9s are incredibly easy to install osx on using a retail cd you can get at any apple store. I'm on my iPhone right now but when I get home later I can pm you the links and programs you need to do it. Edit: As far as the air goes, I think it will remain in the same position it's in. iSlate sales will be aimed primarily for people in the 800 range, and airs will continue to fill the needs of whoever wants an extra portable MacBook and can aford it.
Hello, first time poster, long time lurker. I've been wanting to get a Macbook Pro for quite some time now, and was expecting to get one today with the hardware updates. I was hoping an updated and cheaper model would be announced, but it seems that there is none. Should I expect Apple to announce a new model sometime in the next month before the Holiday season and buy then? Or do you think I'd be wasting my time waiting for an update that may not happen this year?
New Posts  All Forums: