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Maybe not iPhone users, but I can see lots of Blackberry and Android users switching. It's got a built in messenger like BBM though Windows Live Messenger, it's got multiple hardware configurations which is one of the big draws to Android, and it has the security and walled garden of iOS. Being late to the game may have been the best thing for them, they've seen what people want to do and what they want from their phones and they're building their OS around that.
As an owner of a iOS, Android, and WP7 device, I must say WP7 continues to impress. I can't wait for the WP7 update, it'll be interesting to see what areas Apple tops it with iOS5. I'll be getting rid of my Android phone, as the most used features of it (news feeds on homescreen, voice control, turn by turn gps) will now be on WP7. Google is really going to have to step their game up, when low end WP7 devices hit it's going to be a tough sell for android. Kudos to MS, you...
I'd advise waiting to see what ios5 offers. Android phones are going to be using 2.2 for a while, and MS just announced the wp7 os update today, which looks like it's incorporated the best of iOS, android and BB. I have an iOS, android, and wp7 device, and have had a Blackberry, and they all have their strengths. If your getting an iPad, I wouldn't bother getting an iPhone, as the iPhones biggest strength is the apps, which you'll have on an iPad any way.
I love the curved screen on my dell venue pro. makes touch screen typing 10x better than it was on the iPhone. Also looks classy like an expensive watch.
He and his store don't make much money off the Apple products, that's why.
What many of you don't understand is that resellers (radioshack, best buy) get higher commission and profits when selling non apple products. Pretty sure it's the same in corporate stores too, you ever see anyone at a verizon store push an iPad or a iPhone, they'd rather sell you a galaxy tab and go on about how it's better.
I don't know if he should be winning a lawsuit, but the iPone 4 design is terrible when it comes to durability. Apple does lead you to believe the glass is much stronger than it really is, but the truth is if it drops and hits a corner, your f*cked. WIth the older iPhones you had the silver bezel protecting the edges of the glass. This is why I replaced my iPhone 4's back with a beveled metal back. Can't tell you how many times it's saved my phone.
The multitouch gestures isn't showing up on my settings in the ipad 4.3 beta. Anyone else having this problem?
Why are you criticizing a man who apparently was critical to the growth of Apple? You got a problem with his statements in the article, thats fine, no need to bash the man. He was smart enough to work at Apple, how many of you can say that?
That store is like 10 minutes away from me. Whoever those kids are they're so getting caught, Greenwich doesn't mess around.
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