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It takes me about 15-20 minutes or less to get someone in and out with ATT or T-Mobile baring anything unusual with their account. Verizon on the other hand is a nightmare, and I've seen it be up to 2 hours for a single customer.
As an employee of radio shack, I approve of this . Anyone who can come to Stamford Target Mobile (which is radioshack in target). If you're from the forums I'll see if i can throw anything extra your way
So far It's worked fine outside, maybe it's a SAMOLD or whatever samsungs are?
I also have a Windows Phone 7, as I got it as a company phone and I have an iPhone 4. Like you, I've been pleasantly surprised by it. The thing I tell everyone who asks me if it's better than an iPhone is that no it isn't, but it definitely is different and in some ways better than an iPhone. I feel with some updates to the software and more time to mature it will be a great phone. Unfortunately, I have to give up my Samsung Focus and have my company phone for T-Mobile now...
What no one else seems to have brought up is how this reduces the iPad battery life. I use to wifi tether my iPhone 2g to my iPad, totally ate up the battery. I assume the slower data transfers through ATT 2G (which isn't that much slower than verizon 3g) meant the iPad had to transfer data longer to load whatever I was viewing, therefore putting more drain on the battery. I expect the mifi to maybe sometimes eat up almost twice as much power as it would on a real wifi...
This is why I replaced the back glass panel on my iPhone 4 with brushed aluminum, not only does it look sexy by my back is safe forever.
I would buy a 4" iPhone in an instant, 3.5 was amazing in 2007, but now it's really now the smallest useable touchscreen in the phone market.
Not for everyone, http://www.apple.com/iphone/case-program/ I can't get a bumper either, I was waiting for more colors by the 30th.
Wow, so I went today to check to see if Apple added any cases in colors I want, and now my phone is no longer eligible for a free case.. isn't that like... impossible?
Please don't be real touchscreen nano . We need the iWatch! Seriously, if Apple made a watch that ran little widgets I could flick through that would pull information from my phone, as well as give me all my notifications on my wrist that my phone was getting, I would totally buy it.
New Posts  All Forums: