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Can't permanently brick your iPhone with jailbreaking, but waiting for a new iOS jailbreak is good none the less.
Jailbreak works great, no problems here except for some "broken pixels" on respring which aren't really broken. To bad so few packages support iOS4 and none support the retina display yet. Not to mention all the repositories are getting overloaded. Good times are coming though.
You should email this to Steve Jobs.Edit: For anyone who wants to speed up their 3G and doesn't mind jailbreaking, take a look at this link.http://modmyi.com/forums/file-mods/6...h-daemons.htmlI did this for my iPhone 2G on 3.1.2 and it really helped a lot.
Well Cydia packages have a much smaller potential set of customers, who all can figure out how to get the same app for free, unlike App store apps where there is over 10 million potential customers, where maybe only 500,000 have the ability to pirate.
Funny enough, this is what most paid apps in Cydia have in place. I've been forced to have to pirate non appstore apps that I have previously purchased just so I can run them on my iPhone and iPad at the same time. I'm sure Apple can come up with a much better copy protection system, but it's easier for them to just try to block jailbreaking.
Jailbreaking the SOFTWARE voids your warranty, being SOFTWARE and not the HARDWARE, a simple restore in iTunes restores your SOFTWARE and also RESTORES your warranty. I've been told by the Genius bar in multiple stores before to restore my iPhone before they can take a look at it, which is exactly what should be done seeing as they can't be expected to know everything that can go on with a jailbroken device. I have been jailbreaking since the days of iOS 1.2 and have never...
So a senator agrees and backs up the majority of people's opinions and frustrations with the new iPhone, and decides to use his power and status to help the people who elected him, and you're all complaining. Good grief.
Sweet, does anyone know if I install the beta if I can still backup to iTunes, I remember the 4.0 beta on a 3GS I had borrowed didn't let me, was a real bummer.
They're not that stupid. It doesn't take a scientist to realize theres no SIM tray. I get you don't like Gizmodo, but tbh statements like that make you come off real arrogant and fanboyish. Not trying to insult you, just trying to be helpful.
New Posts  All Forums: