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So I've noticed how many people have been complaining about their iPhone 3G devices being to slow, and I thought this link would be helpful to many people here. The process requires a jailbreak, but when on 3.x I was able to give my iPhone 2G a considerable boost. I have suffered no problems on my iPhone from using this, and it's worth doing IMO to speed up your phone. http://modmyi.com/forums/file-mods/6...h-daemons.html If you choose you, you can also reactivate...
I've yet to get my iPhone 4, but I've tried to replicate the problem on several phones in AT&T and Apple stores. I have lost bars on the ones I've tested (one or 2 at most), so I was wondering has it been ruled out that what causes the problem is actually cause by individual people who's body attributes somehow make them more conductive, therefore bridging the antennas? It would make sense if this were so, as it would be odd that certain phones were manufactured...
Er... Steve Jobs actually does lose money at the end of the day when Apple loses money, you know he only receives a single dollar salary each year. Everything he ears is based on stocks.
I don't like Android OS nor the phones it is for. You were the first person to single out app theft as the "prime reason" people jailbreak, I don't get why you're trying to make it sound like I singled it out in my post which was a response to your claims.
Grrrrr look at me!!!! I'm a pirate!!!!!(page 2 of my dock)(old 2.x when I still had an iPhone 3G)Oh wait... guess I'm not.There's plenty of reasons to jailbreak, not all of us steal software. iOS4 gets rid of many reasons to jailbreak, but until there's an official option to install whatever someone chooses, there's a;ways going to be INNOVATIVE apps available on alternative stores. Please don't group us together as a band of pirates.
I'm going to the Apple store around 5:45 to go get mine, I wasn't able to get my preorder in either
That's what Gray Powell was suppose to do but we all knew what happened there.
Is there a way to watch the keynote online anywhere?
I got the case at the Apple store the day it came out too. I love it, and I normally hate cases, I never use them on my iPhones. The ability to fold it makes it so much better than just a case, plus it is makes so much easier to hold and balance, not to mention typing. To me the case is a must have. I also love the pogo stylus, it's perfect for taking notes in Adobe Ideas, a must have free app for any student or artist. Posted from my iPad.
I've had some wifi rreeptions issues too, nothing to bad, but if i couldn't tether it to my iPhone it would be a problem.
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