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GO GEO!!!!! And yes, restoring your phone does work to unjailbreak, but in your iTunes backup of your phone there will always be fragments of your jailbreak and every app you ever DLed.
Kinda a no brainer, bring it to an Apple store and tell them whats going on with it. You're still under warrantee.
Actually I got it all the time in the past few years with XP, vista just went to a black screen, no message or anything. All from a faulty graphics card.
Rest in peace Jerry, my best of wishes go to your family.
Just another reason to jailbreak... Thank god I'm getting a new iPhone 3G next week.
Just hold home and lock and take a screenshot. Pirating E-Books is going to probably be the easiest thing even on the iPad, and if the screenshot capabilities are removed, then I'm sure someone will make a jailbreak app that does it easier and faster. Sucks for anyone who's trying to make money,but you're right, theres always a way around DRM, and especially when it's something you just look at.
I bet we'll see it in refrigerators, like a built in cut down family iPad that can be updated via other iDevices
I just want iPhone 4 to have a A4 like processor and a OLED screen for the enhanced battery life. I could care less about the picture quality. All the OLED's I've seen though look way better than the iPhone screen.
TBH I'm not getting the whole interface and I think it looks rather confusing, but then again that might be because i'm hung over.
Clearing inventory :-D
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