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Looks more like iWork 09.
Still using 3.0.2 here. the 3.1 updates have always seemed so buggy, do we really need a third fix to an update of an update?
This is all very strange.
I just finally got home, does anyone have a link to the full keynote today I can download? AVI or MP4 are preferred, I just can't wait to see Steve introduce this thing.
Well in many of our cases, when our battery dwindles down to 20%, we like to be able to quickly lower the backlight, disable 3g and location services, and disable any extra apps using memory. Swiping and toggling 4 switches is much better than having to navigate the settings app, especially for some of us who are away most of the day and don't have many opportunities to charge our phones.
What did I steal? Violating a EULA isn't theft. Also, just out of curiosity, why do you think Apple should be the sole provider of iPhone Apps, and force people to only buy from their App Store. Do you think it's wrong for there to be other stores to compete with the App Store? I love using the Cydia and Rock stores, I regularly purchase content off them, just as I would from Apple. If you ask me, it seems wrong for Apple to declare it's illegal and wrong for someone to...
When you get expose like window viewing, multi page docks, the option to change the grids for icons, a drop down settings toggle, themeing, widgets, and cover flow contacts, then you will have a valid argument. I've been Jailbreaking since Firmware 1.2 and have never once pirated an app.
What I can't wait to see with the tablet is when the new store for books allows independent publishing. I'm sure new best sellers and franchises will come out of the tablets books store. Also the kindle app for iPhone... won't that run on the tablet too?
I'm using a 1st gen iPhone, right now we don't get MMS, which makes no sense seeing as we can do pretty much everything else the 3G can. Even so, if you have a first gen iPhone by this summer, you'll have had it 3 years. That's a long time for a phone, if Apple wants to cut off OS updates for it, fine by me, I'm ready to upgrade.
Quantity of games sold doesn't equal quality. Just because the iPhone sells a boatload of games doesn't mean it's the best gaming platform. Look at Wii, it sells tons of games too but you can count the number of good games on one hand. iPhone games are good for when you are bored and on the go, but I've yet to hear or see a game for it that gets people excited or gets critical acclaim.
New Posts  All Forums: