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There's a download on the Cydia store that lets you take pictures by having the camera open and hitting up on the volume buttons. It be nice if Apple integrated that into the Camera app for iPhone OS 4.0.
Man, it's going to be during one of my classes, and it's the first week of them and skipping isn't even an option
Apple should just make their own search engine. Call it iFind and have it integrate with iPhoto and all the OSX varients in ways no other search engine and web browser can.
OSX is easy to learn and you can do everything you seem to want to do on windows but more easily and with better reliability. I been using Windows since 3.1 and recently switched over to Mac this June. I think you're better off buying a Mac.
What Apple should also do is allow there to be other stores than the Appstore without needing to jailbreak. If the Phone is unlocked by default and the other stores can sell whatever they want, Apple then there is no need for Jailbreaking and the abuse of it that has led to the piracy.
This doesn't sound right to me too. You also have to consider that not everyone pirating would have bought it otherwise. My little cousin is in middle school, he and all his friends pirate apps instead of buy, the majority of people probably do buy. Does anyone have the numbers of people who have accessed the Cydia Store?. I'm sure it's well under 2 million, and supposing 2 million people have Jailbroken and then decided to pirate..... The idea of billions lost from piracy...
Won't the skylights mess with the glossy screens? :smug:
For me and my friends who have iPhones, the Apple Store has always replaced our phones for free when we have battery issues within the first year, with few questions asked. After my 3G broke and I didn't want to use my upgrade for a 3GS, they took my old battered iPhone 2G in and gave me a brand new one for 80$, along with a 90 day guarantee on the replacement phone. I'm pretty happy with the way the system is now, I find their system more than fair to the consumer.
I never understood that, don't they lose like at least 100$ for each one they give away?
The Zune HD isn't a bad product though, one of my friends is a die hard Apple fanboy, and she is in love with the Zune HD, and she has 2 iPod touches and an iPhone. It's got a great screen for movies and a slick interface, and she says it's much easier to use as an MP3 player than the iPod app for iPhone OS, She said if it had the Apps that are available for the iPhone, she'd choose it instead of an iPod Touch.
New Posts  All Forums: